Day: June 6, 2016

Drop The Dead Donkey – tape 1457

Back to more reliable entertainment with Drop The Dead Donkey. The first episode here is In Place Of Alex, the first episode of series three, with George and Gus interviewing for a replacement for Haydn Gwynne’s Alex.

After a lot of unsuitable candidates, Helen Cooper walks in the door.

Helen Cooper

In Sally’s Accountant, Henry and Dave lose a lot of money when Sally’s accountant runs off with all their money. There’s a guest appearance from Ken Livingstone and Teddy Taylor.

Ken Livingstone and Teddy Taylor

In Henry’s Lost Love, Henry’s ex-wife visits, leading Henry to propose again.

In Helen’ll Fix It, a young girl gets Jim’ll Fix It to let her read the news with Sally.

In Sally’s Libel Sally sues a newspaper who printed a story about her behaviour at Globelink, so the rest of the staff have to testify in court that Sally is a paragon of virtue. George has a little trouble under cross-examination. Meanwhile, the new sports correspondent is a goalkeeper who is suffering PTSD after a disastrous own goal in an FA Cup Semi Final.

The next episode has its opening missing. Slow fingers on my part, I suspect, as all these recordings have been manual. In Lady Merchant, Sir Royston’s wife visits the newsroom. She seems to have a thing for Gus.

Lady Merchant

George definitely has a thing for Helen, which is a slight problem since Helen is formulating a sexual harassment policy for the office.

The final episode on this tape is The New Newsreader. Jaye Griffiths is a new newsreader. Naturally, Sally is professionally jealous, and Henry and Dave are lecherous.

Jaye Griffith

After this episode, recording continues for a couple of minutes, but there’s just a few adverts. Then the tape stops. No extras on this tape at all.


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