Day: June 1, 2016

Saturday Zoo – tape 1449

Here’s the second episode of Jonathan Ross’s Saturday Zoo. It’s a comedy-centred Saturday night show for Channel 4. Simon Day and John Thomson play Bruce and Larry, with news from Hollywood.

Simon Day and John Thomson

There’s a clip from France Ford Coppola’s new film about the royal family, featuring Steve Coogan as Prince Charles.

Steve Coogan as Prince Charles

Patrick Marber plays Prince Edward

Patric Marber as Prince Edward

Rebecca Front plays Princess Anne

Rebecca Front as Princess Anne

Denis Leary says goodbye to George Bush

Denis Leary

Jimmy Nail is a guest

Jimmy Nail

He answers some audience questions, including one from someone who looks suspiciously like David Quantick.

Rowland Rivron does another of his characters that’s indistinguishable from any other he does.

Rowland Rivron

Rebecca Front plays hypnotherapist Poppy Love

Rebecca Front as Poppy Love

Kevin Day does stand up.

Kevin Day

Credit spot: Denis Leary’s segment is directed by Ted Demme.

The next episode features the first appearance on British TV by Penn & Teller (apparently). Here’s all their bits on the show.

(Also featured – Mike Smash introduces DelAmitri.)

Mark Thomas does some stand-up

Mark Thomas

Naomi Campbell is a guest.

Naomi Campbell

Rather embarrassingly for Jonathan, he shows a series of pictures of costumes Campbell has had to wear over the years, in a discussion about silly dresses, and the first picture they use, Campbell says “That’s not me, that’s a drag queen.” Oops.

He also brings on Rowland Rivron as his male model character Jean Claude van Pleup.

Jean Claude van Pleup

I can’t help thinking it’s slightly insulting to Campbell, but she plays along gamely.

John Shuttleworth does some songs and chat.

John Shuttleworth

There’s another Penn & Teller trick. Guess which card was chosen.

Is this your card

Jonathan visits The Matron, looking remarkably like John Sparkes.

The Matron

There’s a little bit of history, as Steve Coogan makes his first appearance as Paul Calf.

Paul Calf

There’s another short bit of Penn & Teller at the end (see the video previously) then DelAmitri close the show with The Boys are Back in Town.

First guest on the next episode is Kylie Minogue.

Kylie Minogue

There’s some topical gags, including a rather mean-spirited one about Chelsea Clinton’s looks.

More male modelling from Rowland Rivron – I am still at a loss to explain his continued popularity. I just don’t see it.

There’s more showbiz news from Bruce and Larry.

Kylie takes part in a Challenge. She has to assemble an Ikea table.

Challenge Kylie

Music from Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz

Another rant from Denis Leary. And a return appearance from Paul Calf.

Rachel Swift (Dr Dido Davis) is the author of a self-help book for women who have trouble with orgasms.

Rachel Swift

John Shuttleworth gives an acting masterclass. Kevin Day does more stand-up. And the end of the show is slightly surreal, with John Shuttleworth sitting with Lenny Kravitz and Kylie Minogue.

Kylie Minogue, Lenny Kravitz and John Shuttleworth

After this episode, recording continues, with Ready Steady Go. There’s a whole episode here just before the tape ends.


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