Star Trek – tape 1367

This tape opens with the end of Behind The HEadlines presented by Linda Agran and, according to the credits, featuring Christopher Lee, Kim Newman and Anne Billson. It ends with a scene from Tale of a Vampire so I’m presuming part of the programme was about horror films. Would have liked to have seen that.

According to the announcer, that was an unscheduled airing of Behind The Headlines which would be shown again later that night. I presume the previous programme, a live broadcast covering the General Synod’s vote on Women Priests, wasn’t quite as eventful as expected, and stopped early.

There’s a trailer for the brand new Absolutely Fabulous.

There’s a trailer for Rough Guide to the World’s Islands.

Then, Star Trek, and The Menagerie Part 2. This episode was made to reuse the original pilot for Star Trek, which didn’t feature any of the original cast except Leonard Nimoy as Spock.

Spock has comandeered the Enterprise to try to take the horribly injured Captain Pike, former captain of the Enterprise, back to the forbidden planet Talos. A race of super-brained people can create perfect illusions in the mind, and they studied Pike 20 years ago.


It’s also the episode with the Green Orion slave girl.

Green Vina

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 11th November 1992 – 18:00

Next it’s The Gallileo Seven. Spock, Scotty, McCoy and other crew are marooned on a planet in a shuttlecraft that’s badly damaged. Spock has to hone his leadership skills to pull the crew together.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 9th December 1992 – 18:00

Next, it’s The Squire of Gothos, another example of the ‘capricious all-powerful alien who loves nistorical cosplay’ story that Roddenberry seemed to love (see also The Next Generation’s Q). I’m not entirely sure why this particular alien decided that Liberace was the best historical figure to pick, though.


BBC Genome: BBC Two – 16th December 1992 – 18:00

After this, recording stops, and underneath there’s an older recording from Sky Movies. It’s the start of Dangerous Game, an early film by Stephen Hopkins, who would go on to make Predator 2 and direct much of the first season of 24. There’s almost 50 minutes of this before the tape runs out.


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