Cheers – tape 1365

I’ve missed the first bit of the opening of the first episode on this tape, which is Fortune and Men’s Weight. Coach buys a fortune telling machine and it starts proving spookily accurate.

Fortune Machine

The next episode is Snow Job. Sam schedules a secret skiing trip with his buddies, and lies to Diane about it. Norm is spending time with work colleagues, leaving Cliff lonely.

Next it’s Coach Buries a Grudge in which Coach finds out an old friend, recently deceased, wasn’t the nice guy he thought he was. In the opening, Sam gets a new jumper from Diane.

Sammy couture

Nicholas Colasanto gives a beautiful performance here.

Nicholas Colasanto

In the opening to the next episode, Diane demonstrates her top waitressing skills.

Diane's top waitress skills

In this episode, Norman’s Conquest, Norm has a new client, to whom he’s slightly attracted.

The Next episode is I’ll Be Seeing You, Part 1 in which Diane is upset that Sam has been interviewed for an article on Boston’s most eligible bachelors.

This was the first episode to feature a mention of the Hungry Heifer.

Christopher Lloyd appears as an artist who wants to paint Diane. Sam doesn’t like that.

Christopher Lloyd

The next episode is the second part of the story. Coach explains the plot like he was explaining baseball.

Previously on Cheers

And the episode ends with a particularly vitriolic break-up between Sam and Diane, leaving a cliffhanger for the end of the season.

After this, recording switches to a newer episode already in progress. It’s way forward, from Season 10, Rebecca’s Lover…Not, guest starring Harvey Fierstein, as an old flame of Rebecca.

Rebecca, naturally, completely doesn’t notice that he’s gay, and decides he’s the man she’s going to marry.

Harvey Fierstein

In the next episode. Bar Wars VI: This Time It’s for Real, Senator John Kerry makes a cameo appearance in the opening.

Senator John Kerry

Gary’s Olde Towne Tavern is under new management, and the gang play a prank on it before learning it’s now owned by the mob.

The next episode is Heeeeere’s…Cliffy! Cliff thinks he’s sold a joke to the Tonight Show. Johnny Carson appears for quite a big cameo.

Johnny Carson

After this episode, recording continues with most of an episode of Nurses. Then the tape ends.


  • Lloyd’s Bank – Peter Bowles and Jan Francis
  • Castlemaine XXXX
  • Capital Breakfast Show
  • Dixons Sale
  • Intercity
  • trail: The Jack Dee Show featuring Tom Jones

  • trail: Short Stories Special: The Sex Hunters
  • Heineken
  • Milk Tray
  • Phileas Fogg Extra Hot Tortillas
  • Drambuie – Robert Hardy
  • Samsara
  • trail: Christmas Eve on Channel 4
  • Cellnet
  • Safeway
  • Martini
  • Halford’s
  • Amarige
  • Diana Ross
  • Citizen
  • Ferrero Rocher
  • Braun Multiquick
  • trail: Crater of the Rain God
  • trail: Fools of Fortune
  • Super Nintendo
  • Davidoff Cool Water
  • Currys
  • Vodafone
  • Babycham
  • Ferrero Fresco Mint
  • Tresor

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