Prime Suspect 3 – tape 1626

Here’s Prime Suspect 3, written by Lynda LaPlante. I’m always in the mood for some Helen Mirren sleuthing. This is directed by David Drury, who also made the brilliant Defence of the Realm.

Jane Tennison is starting a new job, and an old flame is in town, but leaving for a book tour. So she’s late for her first day.

Helen Mirren

There’s a familiar face on the squad, her old nemesis Tom Bell. His opening line: “Sorry I’m late ma’am, I’ve been seeing if I can get your drawers loosened.”

Tom Bell

Also on the squad, Mark Strong.

Mark Strong

A rent boy is found dead in a fire in a flat belonging to Vera Reynolds, played by Peter Capaldi.

Peter Capaldi

David Thewlis plays a gay hardman. He’s Tennison’s Prime Suspect.

David Thewlis

Thewlis claims to have an alibi for the time of the murder, one of whom is Ciaran Hinds, a social worker.

Ciaran Hinds

But there’s definitely some kind of cover up happening. Tennison’s superior, Struan Rodger, is keen for her first to not investigate the murder, since she’s now on Vice, but when she develops leads and brings in Thewlis, he’s keen that the investigation stops there. I smell bad cops in high places.

Struan Rodger

I can’t help thinking that Jane Tennison isn’t actually very good at her job. She’s incredibly rude to all her junior officers, which can’t help to make them want to work with her.

After more rent boys die, another lead turns up suggesting that the first dead boy was about to sell his story to the papers naming an MP and a high ranking police officer amongst his clientele.

There’s some undercover work at a drag club, where Peter Capaldi impersonates Marilyn Monroe.

Peter Capaldi as Marylin Monroe

Rowena Cooper, from the New Statesman, makes an appearance.

Rowena Cooper

Jonny Lee Miller plays an abuse survivor.

Jonny Lee Miller

And an incredibly young Danny Dyer shows up.

Danny Dyer

It’s typically grim for a Prime Suspect. And it ends with a typically edgy non-resolution. But entertaining.

After the second episode, there’s a trailer for Christmas Films, then the recording stops.


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