LA Law – tape 1581

Here’s the start of season 7 of LA Law with an episode called LA Lawless. After a hectic ‘The Story So Far’ mostly concentrating on Zoey (Cecil Hoffman) who was shot at the end of the last season, and Jonathan, who is running for office.

The cold open gets slightly meta, as Arnie is threatened by a knife thrower in hos office, who is threatening to cut off his manhood with knives he’s pulling from a steamer trunk. Arnie’s terrified, and he screams to Roxanne “Rox, Close the trunk. CLOSE THE TRUNK!”

Cut to the BMW trunk closing at the start of the credits. Very clever.

Close The Trunk

It looks like there were a lot of cast changes between seasons, hence some dialogue between Leland and Douglas about the departures of CJ Lamb (Amanda Donohoe) and Susan Bloom (Conchata Ferrell). Plus, Grace Van Owen left in the last episode, so she’s no longer there.

Arnie wants to do more Entertainment law, so he represents a man suing for wrongful termination – a man who dresses up as Homer Simpson in a theme park. He’s really good at doing the voice of Homer, which is not surprising since he’s played by Dan Castellaneta. This plot is especially funny when it gets to court, and they have to argue that Homer Simpson is a role model with a straight face.

Arnie and Homer

A Martinez is a new lawyer at the firm, Daniel Morales, who also has to juggle childcare, and some male modelling.

A Martinez

The announcement of the not guilty verdicts in the Rodney King case are part of this episode, and Douglas gets caught in the middle of it, when he’s supposed to be getting married. Worse, Stuart is dragged from his car and beaten by a mob.

In Arnie’s case, he demonstrates what it’s like to wear the Homer Simpson costume by getting the jury to wear the head, all at the same time.

Lots of Homer Simpsons

Tommy Mullaney (John Spencer) brings Zoey home after she was shot. He’s her ex husband, and still in love with her – yet another example in a Bochco series of the older man with the younger woman.

That episode started with a date caption – April 29 1992. The next episode is dated 29 October 1992, so I presume they set a single episode around the riots so they could incorporate the events in their story, but had to reset the series timing for the rest of the season.

David Schwimmer makes a guest appearance a a DA who wants to charge Douglas for resisting arrest during the riots.

David Schwimmer

Stuart is still recovering from his beating and head trauma. He still has memory loss.

Daniel Morales is defending a murderer who Leland put away, after a man comes forward claiming he was actually responsible for the murder.

And Arnie, who has been on sabbatical travelling around the world for the last few months finally returns.

Arnie the new age traveller

In the next episode, Zo Long, Zoey decides to leave, Douglas has a stint in jail, and Jonathan’s run for office is unsuccessful, leaving his relationships with the firm slightly damaged.

The final episode here, Wine Knot sees Stuart returning to the office to try to help his memory recover. Anne is unhappy with Jonathan’s statements about Stuart’s attack. Anne represents Dee Wallace Stone (the mother from ET) in a divorce case.

Dee Wallace Stone

Stuart and Benny leave the office and go to a funfair, then they rescue a dog.

Michael Tucker and Larry Drake

And for anyone who’s keeping track of the death-march that this blog seems to generate, Larry Drake, the great actor who played Benny Stulwicz, died recently – on March 19th. That’s less than a month ago as I’m writing this. And so this blog continues to cut a swathe through the character actors and television personalities of the 80s.

There’s nothing else on this tape – even though it was on Sky One, there’s no ad breaks or trailers here at all.


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