The Rutles – BAFTA Craft Awards 1984 – tape 34

First on this tape, The Rutles, Eric Idle and Neil Innes’ brilliant spoof documentary about a band that bears a strong resemblance to the Beatles.

It really set the standard for all future rock spoofs – Spinal Tap owe a large debt of gratitude. And who can dislike a show with a running gag about trousers. Trousers are always funny.

Barry Cryer appears as manager Dick Jaws

Barry Cryer as Dick Jaws

There’s a guest appearance by Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger

The mixture of archive footage and footage shot for the show is pretty seamless. Here’s the band meeting the Queen (played by veteran Queen lookalike Jeanette Charles).

The Queen Meets the Rutles

The person who revoiced Ed Sullivan saying ‘The Rutles’ instead of ‘The Beatles’ was less convincing. I wonder if that was deliberate, because it would have been fairly easy to revoice his entire introduction rather than just the band name.

For a long time I had assumed this was a BBC or ITV production, like Eric Idle’s earlier Rutland Weekend Television, but the presence of certain American performers gives a clue to the show’s real heritage. Here’s Bill Murray (the “K”).

Bill Murray the K

Dan Aykroyd is Brian Thigh

Dan Aykroyd as Brian Thigh

John Belushi is Ron Decline

John Belushi as Ron Decline

And Gilda Radner appears as a vox pop.

Gilda Radner

These are all a big clue that the film was actually produced by the US producer of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels.

Also appearing, Roger McGough is a man who knew the Rutles.

Roger McGough

Henry Woolf plays the Rutles’ Surrey Mystic.

Henry Woolf

Even George Harrison gets in on the joke

George Harrison

And he interviews Michael Palin

George Harrison and Michael Palin

Bianca Jagger plays Dirk’s wife Martini

Bianca Jagger

Another Palin appearance as Eric Manchester, the Rutles’ Press Officer

Eric Manchester

And another Rolling Stone, Ronnie Wood.

Ronnie Wood

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 3rd March 1985 – 23:40

After this, Angela Rippon presents the Bafta Craft awards for 1984. This is an odd programme, as a lot of time is spent discussing the crafts themselves, and the ceremony is almost an afterthought. Also, it looks to me as if the award presenters didn’t have to read from a script, so they seem a lot more relaxed about things.

To demonstrate make-up, Ray Brooks is taken behind the bins for a bit of a roughing up.

Ray Brooks

Here’s English, Markell, Pockett talking about the use of technology in graphics.

The recording ends right after this show.



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