The Equalizer – Radio Times Video Awards – Entertainment USA – tape 62

This tape opens with the end of an ITV sitcom Mixed Doubles.

Then there’s a trailer for Bill Bixby’s The Magician, a show I used to love as a child.

Then there’s an episode of The Equaliser. A show I hate myself for liking. It’s so reactionary, like a bloodless version of a Charles Bronson Death Wish movie. But Edward Woodward lends it a certain charm, and it has a great theme.

This episode is called Lady Cop. It has a story credit for Kathryn Bigelow, along with Maurice Hurley (ST:TNG) and Joel Surnow (24).

Equaliser story credit

Reginald Veljohnson makes an appearance as a man with the loan sharks after him.

Reginald Veljohnson

Karen Young plays the (faintly patronising) ‘Lady Cop’ of the title

Karen Young

She’s horrified to see her colleagues, including a sleazy Will Patton, stealing stuff from an old lady who had died in her flat.

Will Patton

Of course, he and his cronies put pressure on her to go along, and Patton even uses her gun to kill a vagrant. But Edward Woodward sorts it all out.

After this episode, recording continues for a while, and we get a bit of News at Ten, leading with the Queen’s Speech, presaging an election. This would probably put this at November 12th 1986.

After a bit of the news, recording switches to Sportsnight.

There’s an advert for an exhibition by the Royal Television Society, called The Golden Box.

The Golden Box

There’s a trailer for Just Good Friends.

Then, we have the final edition of Showreel 86, in which Mike Smith looks at the finalists of the Radio Times video awards.

The first film featured is The Recreation Game by Michelle Salamon.

The Recreation Game

Then, we get our first future Hollywood Bigshot, as the next film featured is Incidents in an Expanding Universe directed by Richard Stanley. Well, OK, Stanley’s hollywood career was slightly abortive, but he made a couple of good low budget genre movies, and was featured a lot in the movie press. His movie is clearly influenced by Gilliam and Blade Runner, but it’s impressive for an amateur film.

Incidents in an Expanding Universe

When it comes to the winners, Allan Burgoyne, director of Trailers: The Ultimate Video Experience looks like he’d rather be any place than talking to Mike Smith.

Allan Burgoyne

The next winner is rather more comfortable, and it’s another Hollywood superstar, Danny Cannon, who would go on to make the Sylvester Stallone Judge Dredd and was a show-runner on the hugely successful CSI franchise.

Danny Cannon

The next winner was written by Sarah Daly, who was delighted to hear Alan Parker say ‘It could have been written by Jack Rosenthal’

Sarah Daly

The final winner is Joe Fordham.

Joe Fordham

BBC Genome: BBC One – 12th November 1986 – 23:25

Recording switches to the end of Brass Tacks.

There’s a trailer for Brass Tacks Talkback. Then a trailer for Just Another Day looking at Eastenders behind the scenes.

Then, because it was the 80s, and these things were acceptable, there’s an episode of Entertainment USA with Jonathan King in Maui. He actually uses the phrase “slant-eyed ladies” at one point.

He talks briefly to Elton John, about having his records burnt, and whether he’s becoming respectable. “At Watford I would never dream of turning up like this with a pink pony tail.”

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 13th November 1986 – 21:00

After this recording continues, with a trailer for 40 Minutes: The Englishwoman’s Wardrobe.

Then, there’s a programme that’s part of the TV50 season.

It’s Television and Number 10 in which reporter Michael Cockerell looks at how television has dealt with politicians.

It starts in depressing style with Lynsey dePaul singing in praise of the Conservatives.

Lynsey dePaul

even more depressing is the presence of Kenny Everett.

There’s contributions from Wilson’s political secretary Marcia Falkender

Lady Falkender

Wilson himself talks about how he emulated Kennedy’s use of television.

Harold Wilson

It’s an interesting programme, but not all of it is recorded here.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 13th November 1986 – 21:30


  • The Guardian
  • Canon
  • Holsten Pils
  • Oracle
  • The Golden Box
  • Abbott Ale
  • Rumbelows
  • Quick Brew
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • The Very Best of Supertramp
  • Rougemont Castle
  • Tetley Bitter
  • Abbey National
  • Hits 5
  • Toshiba
  • martini
  • trail: Quincy
  • Today
  • Country Manor
  • Rank Xerox
  • Guinness Extra
  • Oracle
  • trail: Midweek Sports Special

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