Films Of The Year 1987 – On The Waterfront – tape 312

Forward to 1987 now, and Barry Norman’s round up of the best films of the year. It’s sometimes hard to keep track of which films he’s nominating, and which are honourable mentions, but I’ll try to keep them straight.

Hope and Glory

Full Metal Jacket



Cry Freedom

The Color of Money

The Untouchables

Lethal Weapon

Stand By Me

Wish You Were Here

Prick Up Your Ears

Jean De Florette

Radio Days

Two ‘overpraised’ movies were Raising Arizona and House of Games, both films I rate very much. And he was very unkind about Nicholas Cage’s performance in Peggy Sue Got Married, but I’m with him on that.

There’s also a report from Tom Brook on the year in Hollywood.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 30th December 1987 – 22:45

This is followed by On The Waterfront, the classic Marlon Brando film about the poor dockworker who could have been a contender, but the mob kept him down.

Marlon Brando

BBC Genome: BBC One – 30th December 1987 – 23:30

Then there’s a new report on the New Year’s Honours List.

Then, after some weather, announcer Martin King wishes us all a good night, and BBC1 closes down.


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