Saturday Live – tape 284

Before the first episode, there’s the end of a short film, featuring a young Hugh Grant.

Hugh Grant 2

More Saturday Live.  Frankie Howerd was to be the host, but he was ill, so Ben Elton opens the show, and there’s music from The Christians.

The Christians 2

Then Stavros does his bit

Stavros 8

Fry & Laurie really love the US of States.

Fry & Laurie - US of States

Craig Charles does some poetry

Craig Charles on Saturday Live

Music from Westworld.


Kevin Day makes a very early television appearance

Kevin Day

Julian Clary, aka The Joan Collins Fan Club, making a return appearance

Julian Clary 2

Comedy music from Skint Video

Skint Video

Jan Ravens does The Queen

Jan ravens 2

Fry and Laurie do The Hedge Sketch.

Fry and Laurie - The Hedge Sketch

From America, the great Gilbert Gottfried

Gilbert Gottfried 2

The ensemble do a sketch about stopping smoking.

Fry Laurie and Elton

The show closes with Ben Elton’s stand-up slot, and more music from The Christians.

For the next episode, Lenny Henry is the host, opening the show as Joshua Yahlog.  I like the Channel 4 logo.

There’s music from Terence Trent D’Arby.

Terence Trant D'Arby

Another set from Stavros

Stavros 7

Gary Howard does some comedy music

Gary Howard

JYTV does a selection of TV hits, including the Singing Detective

JYTV - The Singing Detective

Lenny and Harry Enfield do a sketch about Lenny having moved into a small country village.

Lenny Henry and Harry Enfield

Fry and Laurie do Piano Masterclass

Piano Masterclass

Not sure, but that could be Paul Whitehouse in the backing band. Don’t think it’s Charlie Higson thought.

Paul Whitehouse maybe

Ben has a bit of a go at Frankie Goes to Hollywood, because they blew out the gig at the last minute. Then there’s stand-up from Jenny Lecoat

Jenny Lecoat

Lenny Henry does a song as Lionel Ritchie

Lenny Henry Does Lionel Ritchie

From Canada, Mike Macdonald does a great routine with a tennis racquet and a rock soundtrack.

Mike Macdonald

Lenny does Deakus


The show is closed by Ben’s stand-up, and last minute replacements for Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Level 42.

Level 42

After this, the recording continues, with Aids Brief, a short programme for Aids Week about the virus, and likely future developments.

Then the tape ends with the start of a film, Private Road, starring Susan Penhaligon and Bruce Robinson – writer of Withnail and I.


  • trail: Hill Street Blues
  • Royal Caribbean
  • Holsten Pils
  • Exchange and Mart
  • Epson computers – Heinz Woolf
  • Blue Arrow
  • Sunday times
  • Sunday Times
  • Blue Arrow
  • Our Price – Luther Vandross
  • Gillette Blue II
  • Canada
  • Access
  • Warrington Runcorn
  • Fosters
  • trail: Max Headroom
  • Duckhams
  • Apple – Going to Work
  • Our Price – Impressions
  • Daily Telegraph
  • Blue Arrow
  • Legal & General
  • Gillette Blue II
  • Metro
  • Canada
  • Milton Keynes
  • Queensway
  • Sunday Times
  • Setlers Tums
  • Prudential
  • Duckhams
  • Worthington Best Bitter
  • Duracell
  • Seven Seas
  • Sunday Times

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