Cheers – tape 74

Back to classic Cheers. The first episode is The Executive’s Executioner. Norm is given the job of firing people in his firm. At first he can barely do it, spending the whole day putting it off, and then bursting into tears. He thinks this makes him useless at the job, but his company are delighted.

Norm the Executioner

A great episode, particularly for Norm.

The next episode opens with the Channel 4 announcer saying it’s the last episode of Cheers to feature Nicholas Colasanto as Coach. Way to put us in the comedy mood, Channel 4 lady.

Frasier has got a job teaching at the University of Bologna. (Coach: “Do they need a whole university for that? I know it’s a complicated meat…”)

Diane is reluctant to go with him, worried about leaving Sam. And they almost hook up again, but in the end Diane leaves with Frasier, setting up the situation for the rest of the series.

In the next episode, The Bartender’s Tale, Sam is having trouble hiring a new waitress. Carla won’t let him hire a waitress who he’ll just sleep with and dump shortly afterwards, but then Lila Kaye appears as Lillian Huxley. “My turn ons include Hunting Dogs, Thackeray and Welsh Rarebit.”

Lila Kaye

She’s perfect, and best of all, Sam won’t spoil it by sleeping with her. But then he meets her daughter, and things get complicated.

Camilla More

When she shows Sam her portfolio of lingerie modelling, Sam’s trying to feign disinterest. “I bet they used a F-Stop on that one, huh?”

Another brilliant episode that never goes where you expect. I always thought it was a shame Lillian wasn’t a recurring character.

The next episode is The Belles of St Cletes. Carla spots her old headmistress, who she remembers as a tyrant, and plots her revenge.

And the last episode here is Rescue Me. Frasier proposes to Diane, who has second thoughts and phones Sam. Will he do the romantic thing and get on a plane to go to her?

Another brilliant episode. Diane and Frasier go to the finest restaurant, but discover their renowned chef has just died, and the waiter is finding it hard to cope. Martin Ferrero plays the waiter. In one scene, Diane returns from phoning Sam to find him weeping in Frasier’s arms. “Oh hello, Diane, I was just ordering the chef’s specials.”

Martin Ferrero 2

This was the end of the series. Interestingly, it didn’t open with a ‘cold opening’ before the credits, but according to Wikipedia where was one featuring Coach. I presume the programme makers removed it after Nicholas Colasanto died.

So I looked it up on YouTube. Here’s the scene in question. It made me cry.

After the last episode, recording stops, and underneath there’s part of an episode of Budgie (which I almost called Birdy) starring Adam Faith and the great Iain Cuthbertson as Charles Endell Esq.

Adam Faith and Iain Cuthbertson

there’s fifteen minutes of this before the recording finally stops.



  • Our Price – Nils Lofgren – Flip
  • Austin Rover
  • Fosters
  • trail: Hill Street Blues
  • Paul Masson – Ian Carmichael
  • Mazda 626
  • Barclays
  • Foster’s
  • Bird’s Eye Steakhouse Burgers – a variant of the ‘Hope it’s chips’ song.
  • Barkers
  • Carlsberg – probably Orson Welles
  • General Accident
  • Coca Cola
  • trail: The Big Tube

  • Mumm Cordon Rouge
  • Renault 5
  • McEwan’s Export
  • Heinz All Seasons dressings
  • Lloyd’s Bank
  • MFI
  • Cream Silk
  • Perrier
  • trail: Tube Late Night Extra
  • Mumm Cordon Rouge
  • Exchange and Mart
  • Perrier

One comment

  1. The Big Tube is an anomaly. It was meant to go out on 16/08/1985 but was apparently pulled because of industrial action at Tyne Tees. If the Glasgow Herald is to be believed then what went out was Blondie – Eat to the Beat, Soul Train, Comic Strip: Fistful of Travellers Cheques, an Ian Dury thing (Spasticus or Autisticus) and The Secret Policeman’s Ball.

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