Saturday Live – tape 110

It’s back to the 80s now, for an episode from the first series of Saturday Live. It’s hosted by Peter Cook. His first bit is an impression of Ferdinand Marcos – Not sure the eyes were a good idea.

Peter Cook as Ferdinand Marcos

John Bird joins in, also doing an unfortunate accent. Oh dear.

Music act is (once again) The Communards.

The Communards 2

Some snooker-based comedy from Steven Frost and Mark Arden.

Steve Frost and Mark Arden

Kate Robbins does an impression of Sarah Ferguson

Kate Robbins

Peter Cook does Harold McMillan, aided by John Bird

Peter Cook and John Bird

More music, this time from Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister

If John Bird is there, can John Fortune be far away? No.

John Fortune and Peter Cook

Stavros is in the Video Box

Stavros in the Video Box

Music from Hitlist


No, they don’t ring a bell with me either.

American Stand-up is provided by Louie Anderson.

Louie Anderson 2

French and Saunders do a sketch where Jennifer is the studio director, Mrs Jackson, and Dawn is Mrs Posner, the floor manager.

Mrs Posner

Raw Sex (Simon Brint and Rowland Rivron) also appear.

Raw Sex

More from John Bird and Peter Cook, then more music from the Communards, who are joined on stage by the Oblivion Boys.

The Communards and the Oblivion Boys

Fry and Laurie do their salesman sketch.

Fry and Laurie 2

Then there’s a very long film sequence of James Last’s Britain.

James Last

Ben Elton does a stand-up routine, with a slightly less spangly suit than normal.

Ben Elton, before his spangly suit

The show closes with the James Last orchestra bus entering the studio and some easy listening classics.

James Last Bus

Following this, recording continues, and we have an episode of Hill Street Blues. This is followed by the start of The Ghost of Frankenstein. The tape ends after half an hour of the film.


  • British telecom
  • Victor Computers
  • Dulux
  • Sally Line
  • trail: Dead Men Don’t wear Plaid
  • Victor Computers
  • Evening Standard
  • Woolwich Capital Account
  • Dr White’s Secrets – sanitary towels
  • Stanley
  • French Wine
  • Clockwise in cinemas
  • Fosters
  • Carling Black Label
  • Suchard
  • Seven Seas
  • Danish Blue
  • French Connection
  • Channel 5 Video
  • trail: Catch 22
  • Creme Eggs
  • Our Price – Double – Blue
  • Pizzaland
  • Tetrion filler
  • john Smith’s
  • India
  • Bank of Scotland home banking
  • Young Sherlock Holmes – in cinemas
  • trail: Marco Polo
  • Victor Computers
  • Estée Lauder
  • Miller Lite
  • Trusthouse Forte
  • Sally Line
  • British Caledonian
  • Renault 5
  • Pizzaland
  • bank of Scotland
  • L’Oreal Studioline
  • Fosters – what the hell sized can was that?
  • Fosters Large Can
  • trail: Zastrozzi
  • Stanley
  • Cadbury’s Buttons
  • Vidal Sassoon Styling Gel
  • Victor Computers
  • Woolwich Prime Account
  • Channel 5 Video
  • Pizzaland
  • John Smith’s
  • Sally Line
  • trail: Mysteries of Peru
  • Simod
  • Victor Computers
  • Dr Whites Secrets
  • Picture Box Rock the House
  • Clockwise in cinemas
  • Bank of Scotland


  1. Would we be able to see a clip of the sketch between Peter Cook and John Bird? You have a screenshot of it at the top of the page. This isn’t currently available anywhere.

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