Saturday Live – tape 250

First up on this tape, the first episode in the second series of Saturday Live, opening with Ben Elton hosting and doing a monologue, wherein he gets a bit annoyed at some of the audience behaviour, although it’s unclear quite what they’re doing.

Then, music from The Communards, featuring a pre-anglican Richard Coles on Piano.

The Communards

Fry & Laurie do a sketch about modelling.

Fry & Laurie Modelling

Stavros makes his regular appearance

Stavros 4

More music, this time from Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf

Timbuk 3 do their song, The Future’s So Bright you Gotta Wear Shades

Timbuk 3

Phil Cornwell is introduced as a brand new act. He does a lovely David Bowie – “Where’s my sausages?”

Phil Cornwell

Next, there’s a great sketch featuring Meat Loaf and Stephen Fry. Check out the subtle use of cue cards.

Nice to see the show making use of Meat Loaf’s acting skills. It’s a very funny sketch too.

Then, it’s the first appearance on the show for Julian Clary, as The Joan Collins Fan Club.

The Joan Collins Fan Club 2

After this, a nice two-hander from Ben Elton and Stephen Fry.

Ben Elton and Stephen Fry

There’s more music from the Communards, then, from America, it’s Roger Rabbit himself, Charles Fleischer.

Charles Fleischer

After this, another sketch, this one featuring Hugh Laurie, Harry Enfield, and another guest appearance by Meat Loaf. As Ben Elton said earlier, they like to get their money’s worth.

Hugh Laurie, Harry Enfield, Meat Loaf

Then, we get Ben Elton’s stand-up set, which this week touches on Tampon advertising, a new innovation in broadcasting.

The show closes with another number by Meat Loaf.

After this, recording switches to the end of a short film which seems rather odd, shorn of any context. A neighbour calls the police to say she’s worried about the old couple in the flat next door. The police enter the flat and find the couple lying dead on their bed, clutching a note which reads “We don’t want to live in fear anymore”.

irene Handl and Eric Francis

All perfectly reasonable, except that the music which accompanies the scene is… wrong. It’s some wistful clarinet and guitar music that’s just a little bit too whimsical for a double suicide.

After this, there’s a trailer for Upline, Howard Schuman’s comedy drama about pyramid schemes and self empowerment.

Then, the next episode of Saturday Live.

After Ben’s opening monologue, covering Cynthia Payne, and Mark Thatcher’s wedding, there’s music from Klymaxx. I had to check the credits for the spelling of that, I sensed, perhaps, two Xs, but the KLY took me a bit by surprise.


The comedy guests are the SpittingImage puppets.

Spitting Image puppets

Fry and Laurie to a sketch about spies.

Fry and Laurie spies

Harry Enfield has a new character, Sir Henry

Sir Henry

Then a brief appearance from Puppet Bob Geldof

Puppet Bob Geldof

Who introduces the real Bob Geldof

Bob Geldof

There’s some royal visitors

More Spitting Image

Stand-up from Simon Fanshawe

Simon Fanshawe

And Morris Minor and the Majors perform Stutter Rap – featuring Tony Hawks.

Morris Minor and the Majors

Prince Edward tries his hand at stand-up

Prince Edward puppet

More music from Bob Geldof is followed by Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan

American stand-up from Ronnie Shakes

Ronnie Shakes

Fry and Laurie perform ‘Standing Quite a Long Way Away From…’

Standing Quite a long way away from

The show closes with Ben Elton’s stand-up set, and more music from Klymaxx.

After this, recording continues, with the start of Spandau Ballet – Through the Barricades Across the Borders, a concert film. There’s about 25 minutes of this before the recording ends.


  • trail: Upline
  • Lloyd’s Bank
  • Royal Caribbean
  • Gillette Blue II
  • Fosters
  • Canada
  • Studioline
  • Blue Arrow
  • Post It Notes
  • Lee Rough Riders
  • Our Price – Eric Clapton – August
  • Prudential
  • Fosters
  • Sunday Telegraph
  • Allied Dunbar
  • Pass on your Postcode
  • TV Times
  • trail: Treasure Hunt/My Beautiful Laundrette
  • Cream Silk
  • Tennent’s Extra
  • Eric Clapton – August
  • Post-It Notes
  • The Guardian


  1. 07/02/1987 – Saturday Live w/ Communards, Meat Loaf… (Yilmaz Guney’s The Wall was the late film after this, the final Red Triangle film).

    14/02/1987 – 4Minutes – Who Cares? (“repeat mini drama about an elderly couple and some young thugs”)/ Saturday Live/Spandau Ballet.

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