Red Dwarf IV – tape 1105

Here’s what looks like all of series 4 of Red Dwarf, starting with Camille. Kryten meets another android when he investigates a distress signal, and falls immediately in love, but when he brings her on board, the rest of the crew see something rather different. Everyone sees their perfect woman. She’s a pleasure GELF, and in reality looks like this.

Pleasure Gelf

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 14th February 1991 – 21:00

I’ve noted this before, but this was the time when the old red white and blue TWO logo made way for the blue 2 logo, and this next episode was the first one with that logo.

The next episode is D.N.A.

It’s a treat for fans of Robert Llewellyn, and Kryten gets transmogrified into a human.

Robert Llewellyn

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 21st February 1991 – 21:00

The next episode is Justice. A survival pod is picked up, which might contain a murderous android or a woman. So for safety, they take the pod to the justice world where it was heading.

BBC Genome:BBC Two – 28th February 1991 – 21:00

Next on the tape is White Hole. Kryten restores Holly’s IQ back to its original settings, so she’s suddenly a genius again.

Holly the Genius

When a white hole threatens the ship, Dave has to play pool with planets to get them out of trouble.

The Talkie Toaster in this episode is voiced by David Ross, who originally played Kryten in his one-off first appearance.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 7th March 1991 – 21:00

Next comes a truly classic episode, Dimension Jump. An alternative version of Rimmer, from another dimension, breaks through into ours, and he’s considerably cooler than this universe’s Rimmer.

Ace Rimmer

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 14th March 1991 – 21:00

And the final episode here is Meltdown. Kryten finds an experimental matter transmitter, so they transport down to the nearest planet, only to be menaced by some stock footage of Japanese monsters.

Menacing Stock Footage

Meanwhile, Lister and the Cat transport to another part of the planet, to find some unexpected people.

Space Nazis

It seems that the planet is populated entirely by famous people. It’s a waxdroid theme park. But the droids are at war with each other. All the bad guys versus all of the good guys.

Tony Hawks turns up as Caligula.

Tony Hawks as Caligula

Unluckily for the good guys, Rimmer takes charge, and turns into a psychotic general.

General Rimmer

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 21st March 1991 – 21:00

For those that like this sort of thing, here’s all the BBC2 continuity I have on this tape. Not much complete, because I was recording manually, and there’s a bit from all of the episodes.

After the last episode, there’s a trailer for Up Pompeii.  Then a minute or two of 40 Minutes before the recording stops.


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  1. There’s a Space: 1999 episode where a bunch of old pals from Earth show up at Moonbase Alpha but only Commander Koenig can see they are really big, green, spaghetti-like shambling monsters with one eye. I wonder if that’s where they got the idea for the first episode in this Red Dwarf series?

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