Have I Got News For You – Mr Bean Rides Again – tape 1030

More from Have I Got News For You, with guests Jo Brand

Jo Brand 2

and Neil Kinnock

Neil Kinnock 2

Neil Kinnock is always good on this show. He’s got some genuinely funny lines, and delivers them well. Very sardonic. There’s also lots of ribbing of Deayton over his brown suit in this episode.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 4th December 1992 – 22:00

Another episode follows, one I’ve been hoping to find. Guests are Peter Cook

Peter Cook

and my old colleague Douglas Adams.

Douglas Adams on HIGNFY

There’s a whimsical story about a scientist who believes that male sweat is more attractive to women that aftershave, and the scientist is called Dr David Kelly. Though not, one presumes, the same David Kelly who mysteriously died after criticising the government’s dodgy dossier on starting the Iraq War.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 11th December 1992 – 22:00

Before the next episode, there’s the end of an episode of Sister Wendy’s Odyssey, wherein an old nun talks about a painting of a happy marriage. Then a trailer for Dangerous Liasons.

Then, Have I Got News For You does a review of the year, featuring guests Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry on HIGNFY

and  Frank Skinner

Frank Skinner

It’s a change from the advertised programme, which promised Alan Coren and Clive Anderson.

Steohen Fry, on a headline about Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, tells a longish story about having them both over for dinner. Hislop asks “Have they had you back to dinner?” “No, no, not at all,” replies Fry, “I think it’s because I went to bed with all their children. I was wearing glasses and kneeling, she might have thought I was Woody.”


BBC Genome: BBC Two – 18th December 1992 – 22:00

After this, we switch to Carlton for Mr Bean Rides Again. Lots of almost silent comedy, including a guest appearance from Stephen Frost.

Stephen Frost and Rowan Atkinson

Still funny.

After this, recording continues with the start of Full Stretch, a comedy about a limo service. After the first part, recording stops, and underneath, there’s Robbie Coltrane doing a bit of a one man show.

Robbie Coltrane 2

It’s actually Mistero Buffo, a Dario Fo set of plays. This one was the Marriange Feast at Cana. BBC Two – 19th April 1990 – 22:10

After this, the last of these short plays.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 26th April 1990 – 22:10

Following this, there’s a trailer for Rory Bremner,

Then, there’s a Party Election Broadcast from the Green Party, who lose my vote for presenting footage in the wrong aspect ratio.

Then, Newsnight looks at the growing momentum for European Union. The tape ends after 15 minutes of this.


  • trail: Minder/Dave Allen
  • McDonalds
  • Special K
  • trail: Inspector Morse


  1. Seeing Neil Kinnock always reminds me of that episode of “Gilmore Girls” where a character confesses to once having had a crush on him. Which is not something you’d expect to hear on an American TV show. (Or a British one, really.)

  2. This was probably HIGNFY’s imperial phase and Kinnock’s appearance did more than anything else to help rehabilitate himself in the eyes of the public – as you say, he had lots of funny lines, and also he laughed uproariously at everyone else’s, longer and louder than I think anyone else in the history of the programme. He was clearly having an absolute whale of time and that came across as very appealing.

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