Dr Who And The Daleks – tape 53

I remember seeing Dr Who and the Daleks in a school hall, projected from a 16mm print. A local school advertised a film show featuring ‘a space travelling Doctor’ – I think, for licensing reasons, they didn’t want to give the actual title of the movie.

I suspect I’d already seen this on television, but it was quite exciting to see it on a bigger screen.

This TV presentation suffers greatly from pan & scan, with the picture looking very truncated.

I quite like the Cushing movies, despite them being non-canon, even if only for the colourful Daleks. This one’s story always dragged for me – and the original BBC serial drags even more, being much longer, but it’s still a lot of fun.

Although I do involuntarily shudder when Roy Castle addresses Cushing as “Dr Who”. I just can’t help it.

I like the idea that the Dalek civilisation is so astoundingly advanced that lava lamps have come back into fashion.

Dalek Lava Lamps

The film ends with a countdown (no big surprise for a Terry Nation story) but the rate of the countdown when we see it counting bears no relation to the actual time that supposedly passes before the explosion.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 20th April 1985 – 11:05

After this, recording switches to the end of a programme featuring The Chieftains.

Then, we have Film 85, with a special edition from the Cannes film festival, and including reviews of

Barry talks to Harrison Ford about Witness, blockbuster films, stardom and being a sex symbol.

He also talks to Theresa Russell about Insignificance.

Theresa Russell

Jean Luc Godard gets a custard pie in his face

Jean Luc Godard gets pied

Cher and Peter Bogdanovich take pot shots at each other in their press conferences, after Bogdanovich was excluded from the final editing process.

Alan Parker, Matthew Modine and Nicholas Cage talk about Birdy.

One of Barry’s favourite actors, Clint Eastwood, talks about Pale Rider.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 21st May 1985 – 22:45

There’s another episode next, although I’ve missed the start. There are reviews of

There’s a location report on the making of A View to a Kill.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 28th May 1985 – 22:45

In the next episode, Barry reviews the following films:

Greta Scacchi talks about The Coca Cola Kid. And there’s a look at the career of Joseph Losey.

There’s also a location report on Return to Oz

BBC Genome: BBC One – 4th June 1985 – 22:45

Then, we have the start of another episode – the tape ran out before the episode finished, though. I have reviews of:

There’s a location report on The Yellow Pages, featuring Jean Simmons.  The tape runs out during this report.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 11th June 1985 – 22:45


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