The Real Thing? Questions Of Authenticity – Have I Got News For You – tape 991

The tape opens with a long segment of the BBC news with subtitles for the hard of hearing. One of the stories is about banning a film about Salman Rushdie.

Drunken terrorist playboy

James Ferman doesn’t like Salman Rushdie at all.

James Ferman on Salman Rushdie

(actually he’s explaining how the character in the film doesn’t really bear comparison with the real life Rushdie)

There’s a piece about crop circles. Clearly this is early enough in the phenomenon – although the report says they’ve been appearing for 12 years – that the BBC can report with a straight face the ‘scientists’ trying desperately to prove that it’s anything other than people making them.

There’s weather from John Kettley, and a trailer for Sunday programmes.

Then, The Real Thing? Questions of Authenticity, a programme looking at the authentic performance movement that was very popular from the 90s. With contributions from Roger Norrington

Roger Norrington

Jeffrey Tate

Jeffrey Tate

Pierre Boulez

Pierre Boulez 2

Nicholas Kenyon, not yet the director of the BBC Proms

Nicholas Kenyon

Melvyn Tan

Melvyn Tan

Alfred Brendel

Alfred Brendel

John Eliot Gardener

John Eliot Gardener

This is quite an entertaining programme, presented by David Owen Norris, who asks these musicians, on both sides of the argument, to articulate their positions, and they frequently disagree directly. It’s clearly a subject which elicits a lot of emotion.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 28th July 1990 – 20:30

After this, there’s the first in the second series of Have I Got News For You, with guests Sandi Toksvig

Sandi Toksvig 2

and David Thomas, editor of Punch.

David Thomas

This is the series where they first started using the ‘allegedly’ joke, by the way.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 4th October 1991 – 22:00

The next episode features guest appearances from (sound the Slatterywatch klaxon) Tony Slattery

Tony Slattery on HIGNFY

and Alan Coren

Alan Coren

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 11th October 1991 – 22:00

And there’s one more episode on this tape with guests Rory McGrath

Rory McGrath 2

and Tony Banks

Tony Banks

Of interest only to me, they discussed a story about a man called Tony Finn who bought a shark from a pet shop in Hemel Hempstead. Where I live.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 18th October 1991 – 22:00

After this, Newsnight starts, leading with the announcement of new Middle-East peace talks. The tape stops after four minutes of this.


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  1. In the original HIGNFY book, there’s an analysis of the performance of all the guests so far, and David Thomas comes top for answering every single question correctly. As the book points out, though, he clearly spent so long revising he ignored his proper job because Punch closed pretty soon after.

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