Horizon – Tomorrow’s World – tape 658

This tape opens with the end of The Education Programme.

Then, Horizon with an episode called In My Lifetime?

Presenter Glyn Worsnip, formerly of That’s Life, suffers from Cerebellar Ataxia, a rare brain disorder. He looks into the state of research into rare neurological disorders, and whether enough money is going into the right research.

Glyn Worsnip

For 70s TV viewers, it’s nice to see that Professor Heinz Woolf is still working.

Professor Heinz Woolf

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 27th February 1989 – 20:10

There’s more from Horizon next, in an episode called Concerto.

It’s a programme that looks at a lot of aspects of music, and how science and technology affects them. Here’s the great Wendy Carlos, of Switched On Bach fame.

Wendy Carlos

Christopher Hogwood taks about the changes in the way music is performed over time.

Christopher Hogwood

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 6th March 1989 – 20:10

After this, a trailer for Duke Bluebeard’s Castle. Then the recording stops.

Underneath, an angsty looking profile of novelist Patrick Hamilton from The Late Show.

That recording switches to BBC 1 and a trailer for Tuesday 28th February programmes.

Then, much to my delight, Tomorrow’s World. Howard Stableford comes live from British Telecom’s Network Management Centre. They’re trying to have the biggest telephone vote in the world. Think about that, in these days where every morning antiques show has a telephone vote or a competition line, all computer controlled, and programmes like X Factor have millions of people voting, this was a time when a phone vote was new technology.

Judith Hann drives a container lorry into the studio.

Maggie Philbin gets her face scanned with a laser.

Howard reports the results of the phone poll – should we have British Summer Time all year round? 271,132 said yes,  86,712 said no. And that was the biggest number of calls to a single number up to that time.

Judith looks at microwaves and cold spots.

And There’s a report on a supermarket in Holland who are the first to do self-scan.

Here’s a playlist of the whole programme.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 28th February 1989 – 19:00

After this, there’s a trailer for QED.

Then, an episode of Eastenders starts.

After a bit of that, recording stops again, and underneath, an episode of Lost in Space.

Then, the start of a film in the Bombay Talkies season, Kaagaz ke Phool (Paper Flowers)

The tape finally stops during this film.


  • trail: The Lone Ranger
  • Heinz Tomato Ketchup
  • Brook Street
  • Uniroyal
  • Anchor
  • trail: The Abduction of Kari Swenson

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