Day: February 18, 2016

The Simpsons – tape 8

This is one of my oldest tapes. I think the first thing it had recorded on it was Raiders of the Lost Ark, but I bought that on sell-through eventually, so I recorded over it with a bunch of Simpsons episodes.

First is Blood Feud, in which Bart donates blood to Mr Burns, but when Burns doesn’t thank them with lots of money, Homer is miffed.

In Mr Lisa Goes to Washington Lisa wins an essay competition, and gets a trip to Washington, where she becomes disillusioned after seeing a congressman take a bribe.

When Flanders Failed sees Homer being rather jealous of Ned Flanders, and hoping his left-handed shop venture would fail.

Homer buys an RV and the family go on holiday in Call of the Simpsons. Homer gets mistaken for bigfoot.

Call of the Simpsons

There’s a classic opening scene for Bart The Genius when the family play scrabble, and Bart coins the word KWYJIBO.


The next episode is called Life in the Fast Lane, but it’s sometimes called Jacques to be Wild. Which doesn’t make any sense until you learn that Albert Brooks’ character was originally meant to be Swedish and the title was to be Bjorn to be Wild, but Brooks’ Swedish accent wasn’t working, so they switched to French.

Jacques to be Wild

In Homer’s Night Out, Bart photographs Homer dancing with another woman. Hijinks ensue.

Homer's Night Out

The next episode, The Crepes of Wrath sees Bart go on an exchange trip to France.

The Crepes of Wrath

After this episode, there’s no more Simpsons, but there’s a short fragment of a very bad recording of Monsters Inc afterwards – just a minute or so. I was probably trying out dubbing from one tape to another. Then there’s a handful of adverts before the tape ends. For a Sky tape I was pretty zealous at removing all the ad breaks in those days. Can you tell I was single, and didn’t go out a lot?


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