Day: February 9, 2016

The Wonder Years – Equinox – tape 768

First on the tape, The Wonder Years. This is the second part of the two-part pilot, and features Robert Picardo as the gym teacher who has to teach the boys sex education.

Robert Picardo as Coach Cutlip

After this episode, recording switches to an episode of Equinox called Little By Little, all about nanotechnology.

It talks to Eric Drexler, one of the early proponents of nanotechnology, who coined the term ‘Grey Goo’ for a nanotechnology system that goes out of control.

Eric Drexler

And the VHiStory curse continues unabated, as this programme features marvin Minsky, who died very recently. I hope Barry Norman’s OK.

Marvin Minsky

After this, more Wonder Years, including an episode that takes place when Apollo 8 orbited the moon, but Kevin spends all his time trying to pluck up the courage to talk to a girl in class.

After a couple of episodes, recording stops, and underneath there’s something which I think is Tales from the Hollywood Hills. At the very least, it’s got Christopher Lloyd and Dennis Franz in it. And a strangely young looking Colin Firth.

Colin Firth in Tales from the Hollywood Hills



  • Nat West – possibly the most loathsome banking advert you could imagine

  • The Insurance Service
  • Heinz Spaghetti
  • Carlsberg
  • Powergen
  • Woolworth’s
  • Lanson
  • beans Meanz Heinz
  • Kestrel
  • Virgin
  • Powergen
  • persil
  • iceland
  • vienetta
  • Queensway Sale
  • RAC Reflex
  • No 7
  • Lowenbrau