Day: February 4, 2016

Cop Rock – tape 1232

Before we get to the meat of this tape, there’s a hidden extra. Well, OK, not exactly hidden, but I hadn’t noted it in my database. It’s a short clip from Wogan of an interview with the lovely Michael Biehn. He’s there to promote K2, a film I’ve never seen – mountaineering movies don’t really appeal to me.

Michael Biehn on Wogan

It’s a nice interview, also touching on Terminator and The Abyss.

After this, we have an episode of Cop Rock, Steven Bochco’s less than well received cop musical show, although it’s one that I remember fondly. But I can totally see why the critics laid into to so savagely. A combination of Bochco being ‘due’ a failure, combined with a distinct sense of a vanity project. You only have to watch the main titles to feel that slightly smug sense of self importance. there’s Randy Newman performing the title song (in the worst lit recording studio I’ve ever seen, it has to be said) and all the cast are artfully arranged around the studio, nodding to each other, and to the song as it goes on. There’s a definite sense of ‘aren’t we all great’.

This episode, Potts Don’t Fail me Now features Tony Todd as a member of the Black Muslim Brotherhood, offering protection to a black detective currently under police protection because he’s going to testify against another cop.

Tony Todd in Cop Rock

And the fat, ugly old cop who’s married to the beautiful young cop (a Bochco trope) is jealous of her young partner.

There’s a lot of racism going on in this show – it’s clearly a theme of the show. One cop has to be admonished for using the term ‘colored’, and Ronny Cox manages to insult practically every segment of society.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 18th November 1991 – 22:50

In the next episode, Detective Larusso’s trial starts, and it doesn’t look good when his partner testifies against him. Meanwhile, partner are swapped around to accommodate the paranoid ugly old guy, s his wife gets stuck with a complete sexist, and his partner is put with another woman officer who gets a little overexcited after a bust that she lets down her hair and starts singing.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 25th November 1991 – 22:10

In the next episode, paranoid ugly old guy decides he can’t stay married to his attractive wife, which ought to be a win for her as he was an awful person. There’s two creepy songs about undercover women police officers on the vice squad, and Larusso is found not guilty, despite being obviously guilty. I guess the show was doing a Rodney King thing.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 2nd December 1991 – 22:10

I have to say, my residual affection for this show is draining away fast. I hate everyone on it. And the songs aren’t very good either. Joss Whedon did it much better in a single episode.

The recording stops just after this episode stops.