Cheers – tape 1254

The first episode here opens with a slightly different intro, Cliff saying “Here’s a little known fact: Cheers is filmed before a live studio audience.”

The cold open features a guest appearance by Speaker of the House of Representatives Tip O’Neill.

Tip O'Neill

This episode is No Contest. Sam entered Diane into the Miss Boston Barmaid Contest, and she’s not happy about it. But she decides to take part and try to win so she can denounce the whole affair.

The next episode is Now Pitching, Sam Malone, where Sam flirts with an advertising agent, who then takes him on as a client.

In Showdown part 1, Sam’s brother Derek comes to town. Sam always felt like he was in his brother’s shadow. And when the whole bar loves him, and he asks Diane to take a trip in his private jet, Sam is even less happy. Sam’s brother is never seen on screen – only his voice is heard. It’s Vera all over again. As well as sweeping Diane off her feet, he gets Norm a great job, and sets Coach up for coaching in Venezuela.

Next, Showdown part 2. Norm’s job wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, Coach misses out on the Venezuelan coaching job “Didn’t like your Spanish, huh Coach?” “No, they didn’t like my English.” But when he asks Diane to go to Paris with him, she realises that she’s really in love with Sam. But Sam won’t admit the same, so she decides to force the issue by threatening to go off with Sam’s brother. It all leads to a stand-off in Sam’s office and an end-of-series cliffhanger.

The next episode here is not the first in Season 2 – it’s the second, Li’l Sister Don’t Cha. Carla goes into labour, so she asks her ‘googy two shoes’ sister Annette to sub for her.

Annette Luzopone

Bt she’s not the innocent flower Carla thinks, and sleeps with most of the male clientele. Things get tricky when Cliff announces he’s going to ask her to marry him.

The next episode here is a newer episode, Baby Balk – the first episode of Season 10. Sam wants a baby, and he and Rebecca agree to have the baby together. But when Sam fails to perform, he asks Frasier for advice. But Rebecca asks Lilith for advice too, and the advice they get is completely contradictory.

Next, in Get Your Kicks on Route 666, the gang go on a road trip. Carla’s hot cousin fills in at the bar, to the delight of Lilith and Rebecca.

Carla's Cousin

After this episode recording stops, and underneath there’s a bit of The Word featuring Newman and Baddiel.

Newman and Baddiel on The Word

They tell a story that they were the first programme brought up against the new complaints body for calling Henry Kelly a wanker.

Katie Puckrick looks at a new crime magazine in New York.

Katie Puckrick in New York

John Waters is naturally a fan.

John Waters on The Word

Then, we get a very young Al Murray doing sound effects gags, doing impressions of various guns.

Al Murray on The Word

This fragment of the show was, coincidentally, on a previous tape. Here’s part of the typically awkward Terry Christian interview.

The tape ends about 15 minutes into this segment.


  • BP
  • Sensus
  • Lunn Poly
  • B&Q
  • trail: A Face in the Crowd
  • trail: Ring My Bell/Dream On/Clive Anderson Talks Back/The Word
  • Tesco – Dudley Moore
  • Ever Ready
  • Awesome 2
  • Rhythm Divine 2
  • Bailey’s

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