Day: December 31, 2015

Child’s Play – tape 1252

Here’s Tom Holland’s killer doll schlocker Child’s Play. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, and I don’t remember it quite as fondly as his Fright Night, for example, but let’s give it a go.

Brad Dourif plays a criminal, cornered in a toy shop filled with ‘cute’ dolls.

Brad Dourif and Chucky

He’s shot by policeman Chris Sarandon, and swears revenge on him. Then, as he dies, he speaks some kind of magical spell, causing thunder and lightning to crash around the toy store.

Catherine Hicks is a single mother, whose young son Andy wants one of the new dolls, but she can’t afford it, until she finds a peddler in the street selling one. Andy’s delighted, but pretty soon nasty things are happening, and the babysitter gets a hammer in the face, and thrown out of a window.

Sarandon is investigating this one as well, and can’t explain why there are small shoeprints on the kitchen counter. Andy tells him it was Chucky, but he doesn’t believe him.

But then Andy goes on a trip (on his own – he’s only about six) with Chucky to visit Dourif’s old partner, who then dies when his building explodes.

Sarandon is also investigating this one, so naturally, he’s now very suspicious of this six year old boy found on the scene of two suspicious deaths. Andy swears it’s Chucky, but in the end they detain him in a mental hospital.

But Andy’s mum can’t believe Andy’s involved, and when she discovers Chucky hasn’t had his batteries put in, she realises Andy’s telling the truth, at which point Chucky tries to kill her, then escapes.

After he also tries to kill Sarandon, the two team up to find the man who taught Dourif the magic spell, but Chucky gets there first, learning that to live again he has to transfer his spirit into Andy’s body.

So it’s up to Mum and Chris to stop Chucky’s evil plan, although young Andy gets to execute the coup de grace, and he even has a cool quip.

Chucky in Flame

In the end, this isn’t the greatest horror movie ever made. It’s OK, and the effects are nice for practical work, but it’s a bit predictable.

The film is followed by a trailer for Little Shop of Horrors, an advert for the Radio Times, then a quick look at the weather before BBC One closes down with the national anthem.

BBC Genome:  BBC One – 9th November 1991 – 23:20