Day: December 27, 2015

Carrott Confidential – tape 667

One of the delights of Carrott Confidential is the opening, where Jasper goes from his dressing room to the studio in Television Centre, passing little vignettes representing items from the week’s news. This week his dressing room door is a prison cell, there’s a Fergie lookalike eating cake, Elvis Presley and a New York Guardian Angel.

Studio 8

News stories covered in this, the first episode of a new series, are the imminent launch of Sky TV, and the Channel Tunnel.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 4th February 1989 – 22:25

The next episode has skits on the Gold Blend couple, food scares and lager louts.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 11th February 1989 – 22:25

the next episode starts with lookalikes for Mick Fleetwood and Samantha Fox, so their infamous Brits appearance was the last week. Nina Myskov makes a guest appearance.

Nina Myskov, Steve Punt

BBC Genome: BBC One – 18th February 1989 – 22:35

Before the next episode there’s a burst of Midnight Caller, the drama with Gary Cole as a smooth-talking radio DJ. Then there’s a trailer for Sunday Night programmes.

Then, more Carrott Confidential, with some jokes about the impending Tyson v Bruno. It features an appearance by Ed Bishop as Elvis Presley’s Coroner.

Ed Bishop

BBC Genome: BBC One – 25th February 1989 – 22:25

Another episode, and I like the subtle way the programme underlines its live nature – the in-vision clock as Jasper enters the studio. Which indicates it started just a little late tonight.

Ten past ten

News in this show is Thatcher’s new grandson.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 4th March 1989 – 22:40

After this programme there’s a trail for Red Nose Day 2 – The Comic Dead.

Then recording stopes, and underneath there’s a bit of the BBC preamble to last week’s Bruno v Tyson fight, with a very atmospheric discussion with Harry Carpenter and Desmond Lynam.

Bruno v Tyson

Then the tape ends with the start of The Last of Sheila, a film about which I know nothing, but this credit alone makes me interested:

Written by Stephen Sondheim and Anthony Perkins