Day: December 25, 2015

Dream On – Northern Exposure – tape 1218

Here’s more from Dream On, the sitcom executive produced by John Landis (which was the main reason I recorded it) and created by Friends creators Kaufmann and Crane.

The first episode here is Stop It, You’re Killing Me. And here’s a weird thing. It’s not listed with that title on Wikipedia, or on iMDb – they both list it as So Funny I Forgot To Laugh. Perhaps the title was changed after first broadcast, or perhaps it has a different title for overseas showings. Odd.

It guest-stars Maggie Wheeler (Janice from Friends) as Bonnie, a college friend of Martin’s who’s a stand-up comedian.

Maggie Wheeler

Her act bombs, then they hook up, and the next time she performs, all her material is about Martin. So when she learns there’s going to someone from HBO in the audience for her next show, things get awkward.

Next is an episode called Play Melville For Me. Martin gets asked to host a TV show about books on public access TV. He acquires a rather obsessive fan.


Next it’s To Have and Have and Have and Have Not. An old girlfriend, who left Martin fifteen years ago, returns, and it’s all a bit noir.

Then, The Charlotte Letter. Martin’s perfect girlfriend turns out to have a background as a porn actress. “Is Richard Here?” “Oh he’s in the other room talking to William Styron about a third choice Sophie could have made.”

In Toby or not Toby, Martin forgets Toby’s birthday, and takes her to a wake instead of a party. Hart to Hart’s Lionel Stander guest stars.

Lionel Stander

After this, recording switches and we have the pilot episode of Northern Exposure in which newly graduated doctor Rob Morrow has to pay back his scholarship by practicing medicine in Cicely Alaska, a small out of the way town, rather than the metropolitan Anchorage he had been promised.

It’s charming enough, but Morrow’s character is actually quite boorish, and the sheriff’s casual anti-semitism is a bit jarring. Plus, did Janine Turner’s otherwise interesting backstory have to be compromised by her ‘following her man’ to the town and being dumped?

Recording stops after this episode, and underneath is an older recording of The Word featuring a male beauty contest at Oxford University, and Rupert Everett’s Writing Masterclass.

Katie Puckrick and Ruper Everett

And John Lydon is always good value.

John Lydon

The tape stops just as the show finishes.


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