Day: December 12, 2015

Cheers – Monty Python’s Flying Circus – tape 303

The first episode here is Norm’s First Hurrah. Norm gets a job at a prestigious accounting firm. But it’s not quite as swanky as he makes out, as he’s stuck in a tiny office, then joined by another accountant, who proceeds to try and steal all Norm’s ideas.

Next, it’s Cheers: The Motion Picture. Woody’s parents want him to move back to Indiana, so the gang make a film to show how happy he is in Boston. Then Diane re-edits it into some kind of arthouse horror.

After this, A House is Not a Home. Diane finds the perfect house, but then, when they’ve bought it, she feels sad that the old couple who’ve lived there for 40 years won’t have any more Christmas parties there. So she organises one last party for them, in May.

Santa Sam Malone

Now we come to I do, Adieu, the last episode in Season 5, and Shelley Long’s final regular episode. The wedding is approaching, but you know things might not go smoothly when Sumner Sloane turns up at the bar – he was the professor who dumped Diane in the first episode, but now he’s back. He tells Diane that he submitted one of her unfinished novels to a publisher, who might publish it, if she can finish it. He offers her his cabin in the woods.

Sam tells her she should take the opportunity, but she doesn’t think she should.

We’re then treated to a flash-forward to Sam and Diane as an old married couple, visited by Cliff and Norm.

Diane persuades Sam they should marry right away, at Cheers. But during the ceremony they get a message saying that Diane’s book is going to be published, with a huge advance for her to finish it. So she goes off to write the book, saying she’ll be back in six months. But Sam clearly knows better. It’s a good ending for Diane, very true to her character.

After this, recording switches to the end of a racing car movie. No, hang on, it’s Miami Vice. I didn’t pay close attention, but the few minutes here just consisted of someone (presumably a bad guy) drives a racing car off the track, around the streets, and finally to collide with a wall when the police pen him in. Not that the show’s budget stretches to actually crashing a racecar, so all we get is some unconvincing slo-mo and a freeze-frame from the driver’s seat just as a windscreen shatters. Cheap.

Then, we have an episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. I feel like there’s not much I can say about it that hasn’t been said before, In this episode, there’s all the Bruces at the philosophy department of the University of Woolamaloo, The Killer Cars, and Raymond Luxury Yacht (pronounced Throatwobbler Mangrove).

BBC Genome: BBC One – 1st August 1987 – 22:55

Recording switches to the end of more Miami Vice, then more Monty Python. This one opens with a French film set on a rubbish dump.

I See that you have a Cabbage

BBC Genome: BBC One – 8th August 1987 – 22:45

After this, recording continues, and there’s a Ryder Cup-themed advert for the Radio Times, followed by the start of the USPGA Championships.

Then, recording stops, and there’s a roundtable discussion about art and culture, UK Late. It features, among others, Hanif Kureishi. The tape ends after two minutes of this.


  • Miller Lite
  • TV Times
  • trail: St Elsewhere
  • Pizza Hut
  • TSB Speedbank
  • Boost
  • Budweiser
  • Sunday Times
  • Heineken
  • Renault 5 – Nicholas Parsons
  • Our Price – Samantha Fox
  • Brook Street
  • Right Guard
  • trail: St Elsewhere
  • Go-Cat – Kenneth Kendall
  • Dry Blackthorn Cider
  • Emirates
  • Sensodyne
  • Gold Blend