Twin Peaks – Tomorrow’s World – tape 285

This tape opens with the end of an episode of Nature presented by Michael Buerk. Then there’s a trailer for 40 Minutes.

Then, Twin Peaks. We’re well into the Laura Palmer mystery at this time, and the ‘previously on’ makes almost no sense whatsoever. Cooper is having his dreams about dancing dwarves, and at one point, Piper Laurie dresses up as a Japanese businessman to taunt Ben Horne, who’s in custody for Laura’s murder.

Piper Laurie in Twin Peaks

And this is the episode where Cooper gathers all the suspects together. “I have reason to believe that the killer is in this room.”

So this is the resolution of the show’s core drama, and frankly it’s bonkers.

This episode is called Arbitrary Law.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 5th March 1991 – 21:00

Before the next episode, the end of another episode of Nature looking at the regulation of genetically modified food.

There’s a Comic Relief themed advert for the Radio Times featuring some familiar faces.

There’s also a trailer for Timewatch.

Then, more Twin Peaks. Leland Palmer is buried. Before Cooper gets a chance to leave the town, another FBI agent and a Canadian Mountie arrive and accuse Cooper of breaching bureau regulations during his investigation. Plus, we hear possibly the first references to Cooper’s old partner, Windom Earle, and Major Briggs talks about the mysterious White Lodge on a fishing trip with Cooper, just before there’s a strange disturbance.

This episode is Dispute Between Brothers.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 12th March 1991 – 21:00

Before the next episode, the end of another Nature. There’a trailer for some forthcoming programmes – Scarfe on Sex, A Secret World of Sex and Divorce.

There’s another Radio Times advert, featuring Linda Gray off of Dallas, and Wittertainment’s own Simon Mayo.

Then, the next episode of Twin Peaks. The investigation against Cooper continues, including DEA officer Denise Bryson, a fetching David Duchovny.

David Duchovny in Twin Peaks

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 19th March 1991 – 21:00

After this episode, recording switches to an episode of Tomorrow’s World. The main item in this episode is a demonstration of 3D Stereo sound, which still seems quite effective. There’s also a report from South Korea about how their technology industry is suffering a lack of innovation.

The 3D Stereo piece features a live simulcast with Radio One and DJ Mark Goodier – if I’m not mistaken, this is where The Day Today got the clip of Goodier for its FurQ piece.

Mark Goodyer

There’s also an interesting piece on the architecture and engineering of Stansted Airport.

Here’s the whole programme.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 21st March 1991 – 20:00

After this, a trail for Saturday Night programmes, including Grease 2 and Saturn 3. Remember when movies were an important part of the TV schedule?

Then recording stops, and underneath is an older recording, with this curious caption.

Crisis Counselling for alleged shoplifters

It follows Taking Liberties which looks at the high suicide rate among people arrested for shoplifting.

Thee’s a trailer for For The Greater Good. Then there’s the start of Building Sights, during which the tape ends.

Update: This tape was originally misnumbered as tape 286, but it’s actually 285


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