Day: December 5, 2015

Quantum Leap – Jonathan Ross – tape 297

First on the tape is the first in a new series of Quantum Leap, with Good Morning, Peoria. Sam leaps in to the body of a Rock & Roll DJ in the 50s, in smalltown America, where the local authorities don’t like Rock & Roll, and vote to ban it from the airwaves.

Chubby Checker makes a cameo appearance as himself.

Chubby Checker

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 5th November 1991 – 21:00

In the next episode, Sam leaps into the body of a young woman – I think, from his reaction, this was the first time it happened. The episode is called What Price Gloria.

Samantha Beckett

Sam has to spend most of his time trying to persuade her best friend not to keep dating the office sleaze, who’s married and will never leave his wife. So Sam has to prevent her from committing suicide.

Dean Stockwell is a bit creepy in this episode, leching over the female Sam, because he sees him as her. But the end, where Sam gets his revenge on the sleazy guy, is quite funny.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 12th November 1991 – 21:00

In the next episode, Blind Faith, Sam leaps into the body of a blind pianist, has to save the life of a young fan, and perform at Carnegie Hall, which turns out to be possible because Sam, in his teenage years, was a musical prodigy, a fact about himself he’s forgotten.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 19th November 1991 – 21:00

After this, recording switches to an episode of Jonathan Ross’s early evening chat show Tonight With Jonathan Ross. This episode features Oliver North, Victor Lewis Smith and Paul Sparkes, plus Twin Peaks’ Kimmy Robertson.

Here’s the exceedingly sanctimonious Lt Colonel North. Jonathan Ross wasn’t a bad political interviewer – he pushes North on his anti-communist rhetoric and the legality or otherwise of the Iran/Contra affair.

After the break, there’s a joke at North’s expense, and Ross comments “He was a slippery customer, wasn’t he? Small minded bigots.”

Then he’s joined by Victor Lewis Smith and Paul Sparks, plugging their CD of prank phone calls.

After this, recording stops, and there’s an older recording underneath. It’s Think of England, where David Stafford talks to British expats. There’s a bizarre section at the end wherein Stafford goes travelling using ‘virtual reality’.

Then, the start of Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman, leading with the return from Beirut of former captive Terry Waite. Sadly, I don’t have the whole of this report before the tape ends.


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