Day: December 2, 2015

Dream On – Kolchak The Night Stalker – tape 561

Here’s more from Marta Kaufmann and David Crane’s pre-Friends sitcom Dream On. The first episode here is Doing The Bossa Nova. Martin gets involved with his new boss, and reaps the benefits.

The next episode is Premarital Ex. Martin’s ex-wife is getting married.

After this episode, there’s a bit from the beginning of Clive Anderson Talks Back.

After a bit of this, recording switches to the end of Scrutiny.

Then, as part of the Mystery Train strand, an episode of Kolchack: The Night Stalker. With an introduction by Richard O’Brien.

This episode is Bad Medicine and features Richard Kiel as a shape-changing native american who murders rich Manhattan socialites and steals their diamonds.

Richard Kiel

Check out Kolchak’s state of the art photography gear.

Kolchak photography

Kiel is The Diablero, a Native American sorceror who can transform himself into animals.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 8th November 1991 – 23:45

Next, another Dream On. We’re into the second series, with The Second Greatest Story Ever Told. It guest stars Tom Berebger, Mimi Rogers, and David Bowie. Yes, David Bowie. And this one is directed by Executive Producer John Landis.

David Bowie in Dream On

Also appearing is Martin Ferrero, from Jurassic Park.

Martin Ferrero in Dream On

Stephen Furst plays the actor playing Martin in ‘The Richard Stone Story’ – about Judith’s new husband.

Stephen Furst in Dream On

Next, part 2 – which I’ve actually got recorded twice, for some reason. Cameos from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ricardo Montalban.

Then, there’s an extra programme – a short animation, Wishful Thinking by Candy Guard.

After this, recording stops, and underneath there’s an old black & white science fiction movie which I’m assuming is Invasion of the Saucermen from the earlier Mystery Train broadcast.

The tape ends shortly into this.


  • National Power
  • Mail on Sunday
  • Duplo
  • Shell
  • trail: nature Perfected
  • trail: A Face in the Crowd
  • Carlsberg
  • B&Q
  • Pet Shop Boys Discography
  • trail: S&M
  • trail: Clive Anderson Talks Back
  • Lloyd’s Bank – Jan Francis
  • McEwans
  • What About Bob
  • Rover 200 – Kevin McNally
  • Capital Gold
  • Wild At Heart on video – HMV
  • trail: The Word
  • trail: Clive Anderson Talks Back
  • trail: The Ladykillers
  • Mr Tom
  • Awesome 2
  • Carlsberg
  • Our Price – Maxi Priest – best of me
  • trail: Whicker Way Out West
  • trail: A Face in the Crowd
  • trail: The Trials of Oz
  • Swatch
  • HMV – Genesis – We Can’t Dance
  • Kenco
  • Bradford and Bingley
  • Woolworths – Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Pet Shop Boys Discography
  • Heineken
  • Dance Energy
  • Amstrad Double Decker
  • HMV – Moods
  • British Airways
  • The Power and the Glory – album
  • trail: Equinox/Whicker Way Out West/American Football
  • Now 20
  • Greene King IPA – Robert Bathurst

  • Lisa Stansfield – Real Love
  • trail: Prime Suspect
  • trail: The Word