Day: December 1, 2015

LA Law – tape 291

We’re going backwards in time now, for more LA Law, and we get an episode from slightly before the ones we’ve recently seen. In Grace has been trying a capital murder case, and the defendant is found guilty, with ‘special circumstances’, meaning he’ll probably be sentenced to death. Robert Picardo plays the murderer’s defence lawyer.

Robert Picardo LA Law

Roxanne is doing jury duty, and has to talk around the whole jury, in the face of a real bully on the jury. And Victor helps out his dentist who’s being sued by a woman she claims she implanted a radio receiver in her bridgework.

And Grace is shot in the courthouse by a young kid (presumably on the orders of the man she sentenced to death) and she decides to buy a handgun for protection. But, in the final scene, when she’s actually holding the gun in her hand, she decides against it.

This episode is Fifty Ways to Floss Your Lover (4L19)

In the next episode, Douglas tries out a wig, and Grace is finding it difficult to return to work after her shooting. Episode is The Grace of Wrath (4L20).

The next episode starts abruptly, in mid-flow, and cuts off the end credits of the previous episode. That was me being cack-handed with the VCR, I guess, not having cued up the tape before the episode started.

Douglas enlists Abby to defend him from his neighbour, who wants his dog Sparky destroyed. Mike is representing a victim of ‘date rape’. Frankly, it doesn’t handle it nearly as well as Quantum Leap did.

This episode is Sparky Brackman RIP ?-1987 (4L21).

After this, recording switches, and we’re treated to the first part of the Duran Duran ‘concert’ film we looked at yesterday. Still baffling why anyone thought this was a good idea.

This is followed by America’s Top Ten. It’s for the week ending June 28th 1987, which dates this tape fairly closely.

The tape stops after a few minutes of this.


  • PAL
  • Citrus Spring
  • Kodacolor Gold
  • Bird’s Desserts
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Brut
  • Radio Mercury
  • trail: Imaginary Friends – I’ve no idea whiat this was, but Billie Whitelaw in charge of some kind of UFO cult sounds marvellous

  • Kwik-Fit
  • Whiskas
  • Piedmont
  • Ford Fiesta
  • The Morning After in cinemas
  • Citrus Spring
  • Walker’s Crisps
  • Kwik-Fit
  • Dry Blackthorn Cider
  • Time The Musical
  • Evil Dead II in cinemas – nice Jonathan Ross ad

  • Ever Ready Gold Seal
  • Whitney Houston – Whitney
  • Schweppes Orange Crush
  • Townsend Thoreson
  • Diet Pepsi
  • Monterez