The Last Resort – tape 559

First on this tape, The Last Resort, the first in a new series after a summer break.

Guests tonight are a woman who uses food as beauty products, introduced as Riquette.


Rowland Rivron is back again as Dr Martin Scrote. Am I alone in finding Rivron mostly unfunny?

Next guest is director Penny Marshall

Penny Marshall

There’s music from Phil Collins, and some chat, as Phil promotes his film, Buster.

Phil Collins

And finally Quentin Crisp.

Quentin Crisp

The show obviously overruns a bit, because there’s not end credits, and Phil Collins doesn’t get a chance to do his closing song before the show is faded out.

Before the next episode there’s the end of Whose Line is it Anyway?.

Then, another Last Resort. We’ve skipped at least one, because in the previous episode Jonathan trailed next week coming from a viewer’s home, which I’ve already looked at on a previous tape.

In this episode, guests are Ilona Staller – aka La Cicciolina

Ilona Staller

Variety act Delores and the Snake.

Delores and the Snake

Wiliam Boyd

William Boyd

Brenda Russell in the musical guest, singing Dinner with Gershwin.

Brenda Russell

Next guest is Terry Jones – for reasons unexplained, he and Jonathan Ross disrobe during the interview.

terry Jones on The Last Resort

After this, there’s an episode of Whose Line is it Anyway featuring Tony Slattery

Tony Slattery 3

Betty Thomas from Hill Street Blues

Betty Thomas

Paul Merton

Paul Merton 2

and John Sessions

John Sessions 3

Then, more from The Last Resort. First guest is Timothy Spall.

Timothy Spall

Music from Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer the Last Resort

After their chat, Palmer gives Ross an ‘innocent’ comic boox – a Milo Manara book, which probably means it was somewhat pornographic.

Kathy Burke returns as Tina Bishop.

Kathy Burke as Tina Bishop 2

The next guest is surrealist Eileen Agar

Eileen Agar

And Jerry Hall

Jerry Hall

After this, there’s the start of an episode of Halfway to Paradise during which the tape ends.


  • Swissair
  • trail: Olympics 1988
  • trail: American Football
  • American Express
  • Ikea
  • TWA
  • Oracle
  • trail: The Oprah Whinfrey Show
  • Guardian Royal Exchange
  • BET
  • The Best of Al Green
  • The Observer – nice Fantastic Voyage themed ad

  • Renault 25
  • Finesse
  • Intercity
  • Our Price – The Rare Groove Mix
  • trail: Bullshot
  • Guardian Royal Exchange
  • Our Price – Pet Shop Boys – Introspective
  • Allied
  • trail: Smile Jamaica
  • Vaxhall cavalier
  • Bella
  • kaliber
  • Amplex
  • Dream Demon in cinemas
  • Daily Mail
  • trail: Network 7

  • Daily Telegraph – Hitchhiker’s rip off
  • Carling Black Label
  • Lunn Poly
  • Scottish Salmon
  • No 7
  • Heinz Beans
  • Cadbury’s Chocolate Milk Drink
  • trail: Irish Reel
  • Our Price – The Rare Groove Mix
  • Canon
  • Exchange & Mart
  • Grand Marnier


  1. The comment about Rowland Rivron reminds me of when the late and much lamented Deluxe magazine did a feature on double acts and the last photo caption was “Jonathan Ross and Rowland Rivron: Like there were two straightmen and no main guy”

  2. Rowland Rivron did at least have possibly the weirdest chat show ever shown on UK TV where he would interview guests as they floated in the Thames. They must have been freezing, it was the middle of the night. Oh, and in one episode of The Last Resort he showed the world Jonathan Ross’s genitals when he stuffed one of those micro-cameras surgeons use down Ross’s pants.

      1. Probably for the best. Didn’t Rivron go out with Wendy James for a while? Thus earning the wrath of countless envious teenagers and students.

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