Quantum Leap – tape 580

First on this tape (after a brief flash of weather from John Kettley) is Quantum Leap, and the episode Leap of Faith. Sam Beckett leaps into the body of a priest in 1963, which reminds me of a dream I had only the other day, where I was suddenly a priest and had to say mass.

This story sees Sam trying to prevent a priest being murdered, as he’s going to be a witness in a murder trial. These are pretty tough priests, though – he teaches boxing, and when he and Sam go to confront the suspected murderer – a young man not even out of his teens – they have to defend themselves in a bar, and Sam pulls off some impressive kung fu kicks. He even takes the time to suggest to one of the boxing students that he could practice in the meat locker, like he once saw in a film…

S Stallone

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 5th May 1992 – 20:30

The next episode is One Strobe Over the Line. Sam leaps into the body of a fashion photographer. There’s a certain amount of leching from Al, and the plot revolves around a young model, Edie, amphetamines, and there’s a lion in all the photoshoots. So it’s not totally surprising that at some point the Lion gets so annoyed by the drag-crazed Edie (having been unwittingly fed too many tablets by her jealous older mentor) that he starts attacking people. I’m not sure this animal action would pass muster these days.

Lion Attack

There’s a slightly dodgy moment when Edie, strung out on speed, taunts Sam when he doesn’t have sex with her, and he carries her to the bed, then gives her a long kiss, but then leaves her alone. On balance, fairly well handled, and like the episode on Date Rape they did, the story does the right thing.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 12th May 1992 – 21:00

The next episode is The Great Spontini in which Sam becomes a struggling magician with a 12 year old daughter, whose wife returns after eight years, looking for custody, egged on by her lawyer, who’s also her lover.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 2nd June 1992 – 21:00

The final episode on this tape is Rebel Without A Clue. Sam leaps into the body of a biker. Having never seen The Wild One I can’t say if this story steals any of the plot element of that movie, but the lead biker is clearly rocking the Brando vibe.

Not Brando

Sam’s there to stop a girl being murdered by the lead biker, her abusive boyfriend, and the only way he can persuade her to leave him is to get her hero, Jack Kerouac, to talk to her.

BBC Genome:  BBC Two – 9th June 1992 – 21:00

After this episode there’s a Late Show trailer, and a trailer for an early Adam Curtis documentary, Pandora’s Box.

Then the start of an episode from the documentary series The Racing Game. Then the tape ends.



  1. I liked that part in “The Great Spontini” where the daughter says that Bill Bixby would never play the Hulk, especially since she is technically right.

  2. Intrigued about your comment on One Strobe Over the Line. So does it go straight from the BBC ident into the leap into the photographer, skipping over the “theorising that one could time travel throughout his own lifetime” bits?

    Odd thing for me to pick up on, I know; I’m researching for a book on QL at the moment and this sort of oddity is fascinating!

    Loving the site too – just found it and taking it all in…!

    1. Well I’m not quite sure what I was thinking with that comment. I just rechecked, and that episode is just like the others, starting with the ‘Theorizing” intro. Sorry!

      1. Ah, that’s a shame – love juicy tidbits like that 🙂 If you come across anything else unusual and QL-related in the next couple of months, I’ll be really excited to hear!

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