Animation Week – Timewatch – tape 572

Over to DefII for Animation Week, a chance for Magenta De Vine to be quantelled all over some classic animation, and to ask uninterested questions to a number of animators.

Magenta De Vine

It starts with an interview with Paul McCartney, tying in with the programme showing Yellow Submarine in three parts.  McCartney talks about his childhood watching cartoons in the cinema, and his selections include the then-new Luxo Jr, His wife Linda’s video for Seaside Woman animated by Oscar Grillo, and his own Rupert and the Frog Chorus.

There’s also long profile of Tex Avery, featuring contributions from Chuck Jones among other contributors. It’s interesting learn such nuggets like the famous Fred Quimby, whose name was prominent in the credits of Tom and Jerry, really knew nothing about animation, and basically left the animators to it.

The programme finishes with a finalist in the First Byte competition, Simon Gaskin, and his film Little Deuce Coupe.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 5th September 1988 – 18:55

Recording switches, and there’s the end of a food programme, Mediterranean Cookery, and a trailer for the new season on BBC2.

Then, Day 3 of Animation Week. There’s part 2 of Yellow Submarine, and interview with animator Matt Forrest, his own video for the Art of Noise’s Close to the Edit. There’s a version fo Snow White directed by Max Fleischer, Allegretto by Oskar Fischinger, Fiddle Dee Dee by Norman McLaren, Free Radicals by Len Lye, Accidents Will Happen and Genius of Love by Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel, Childhood of a Prophet by David Lodge.

The First Bite finalists are Richard Squires and Daniel Barber, for their film Heavy Metal.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 7th September 1988 – 19:10

Following this, there’s a trailer for Screenplay: The Black and Blue Lamp. A crook from the 1940s is brought into a present-day police series after shooting PC George Dixon.

Then, recording continues with Timewatch: Shadow of the Ripper in which Christopher Frayling sets the gruesome events into the social context of their time.

Christopher Frayling

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 7th September 1988 – 20:10

After this there’s a trailer for Out of the Doll’s House, Forty Minutes, Visions of Britain and Arena.

The tape ends just as an episode of MASH starts.


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