Broadway Danny Rose – tape 411

Well, I’m afraid I’ve not got much to say about this tape. It’s just Broadway Danny Rose, one of Woody Allen’s better efforts, but not a favourite of mine. Mia Farrow is very good, and it’s sweet, rather than laugh out loud funny.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 28th December 1987 – 22:40

After the film, there’s a Christmas themed trailer for Shoot the Moon.

Then, there’s the very start of Camille starring Greta Garbo, and the recording ends. A very short tape this time.


One comment

  1. Broadway Danny Rose is a superficially silly film that gets surprisingly profound if you let it. It includes the interesting line: “It’s important to feel guilty, otherwise… you, you know, you’re capable of terrible things! It’s very important to be guilty. I’m guilty all the time, and I never did anything!”

    Also, Shoot the Moon is a terrific movie though you’d never know it from that trailer. The way Albert Finney is destroyed in it is incredibly compelling (not literally, he doesn’t get blown up, it’s not that sort of film). I hope you taped that one!

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