Clive Anderson Talks Back – tape 332

After the harrowing accounts of horrific child abuse from the last tape, it’s nice to be back on safer ground with Clive Anderson Talks Back.

The tape has a few random frames of previous recordings at the start – Thames TV logo, and what looks like Woodstock – before the show starts.

On the first programme, Clive’s first guest is Jimmy Greaves.

Jimmy Greaves

His next guest is John Hegley.

The final guest is Edward Heath.

Edward Heath

In the next episode, the first guest is Phillip Schofield.

Phillip Schofield

When clive asks him about his clean-cut image, he makes a joke about having hidden all the crimes. I hope he was joking.

Next guest is Victor Kiam.

Victor Kiam

Also on the show is Rory Bremner.

Rory Bremner on Clive Anderson

The next episode sees Greg Proops and Ryan Stiles as the first guests.

Greg Proops and Ryan Stiles

Next guest is animal wrangler Jed Edge

Jed Edge

Last guest in this programme is Tony Benn. It’s amusing to hear his complaints about BBC bias.

In the next episode, the first guest is Jean Michel Jarre.

Jean Michel Jarre

Next guests are David Baddiel and Rob Newman.

And finally, David Attenborough

Next episode’s first guest is Sean Hughes.

Followed by Clive Sinclair.

And the last guest is Germaine Greer.

After this episode, the recording stops, and underneath there’s Jimi Hendrix doing the Star Spangled Banner, from Woodstock so we’re back to where we started.


  • trail: Pallas
  • trail: The Tin Star
  • trail: Wired
  • Niosome
  • Whiskas
  • Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley albums
  • Spa
  • Access
  • Daz Liquid
  • 4-tel

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