Red Dwarf – Alexei Sayle’s Stuff – tape 584

First up on this tape, Red Dwarf II, and Queeg, one of my favourite episodes. I’m one of those strange people who thinks Red Dwarf peaked at Series 2, and the higher budget and better models of series 3 papered over a drop in the writing. But I don’t think that’s a popular notion.

It has a great explosion.

Lister gets blowed up

I particularly like Holly’s Nightwatchman setup.

Holly Nightwatchman

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 26th September 1989 – 20:30

The next episode, Parallel Universe, starts with the brilliant Tounge Tied by the Cat.

Holly invents a Holly Hop drive which transports the crew to a parallel universe populated by female versions of all the main characters.

Angela Bruce as Lister

Except for Cat, whose counterpart is a dog.

Dogs and Cats! Living Together!

This episode also featured the first appearance of Hattie Hayridge, as Hilly, who would end up playing Holly in later series.

Holly and Hilly

Trivia note: The choreographer on this episode was Charles Augins – who played Queeg in the previous episode.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 3rd October 1989 – 20:30

That was the last in the second series of Red Dwarf, so recording switches to the first episode of Alexei Sayle’s Stuff, which opens with a nice sketch involving the BBC2 Logo.

There’s a nice Ceefax sketch as well.

Stuff Ceefax 1

Stuff Ceefax 2

Stuff Ceefax 3

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 13th October 1988

After this episode, recording switches to the end of Top Gear.

There’s a trailer for Blow Out.

then, another episode of Alexei Sayle’s Stuff, opening with a late replacement for Alexei Sayle, Leslie Crowther.

Leslie Crowther as Alexei Sayle

there’s a confusing moment at the end when the credits start running to the theme music for The Money programme. i thought my recording had switched.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 20th October 1988 – 21:00

There’s a bit more Top Gear before  the next episode, which starts, for a change, with the BBC1 globe, and a sketch about badly dubbed Italian films.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 27th October 1988 – 21:00

After this there’s a trailer for The Tracey Ullmann Show.

Then there’s the start of an episode of 40 MinutesI Want To Live tells the story of a woman with severe cancer, given 3 months to live, who has so far outlived the median survival time, to achieve all the things she promised herself she would. There’s about half an hour of this programme before the tape ends.

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