KYTV – Quantum Leap – tape 327

Some vintage comedy on this tape from the Radio Active team transferred to television, and their satellite channel KYTV.

The first episode here is their Sunday morning religious programme God Alone Knows. It features such worthy and serious items as Rabbi Rabbit.

Rabbi Rabbit

Appearing here with the much-missed Geoffrey Perkins.

Michael Fenton Stevens as Martin Brown is their version of Harry Secombe, singing in various parts of the host village, Humpingham.

Martin Brown Sings

Philip Pope is Scabby Danger, Heavy Metal rock star, “famous for sleeping with numerous under-age girls and taking over 100 different types of illegal narcotics.” That joke wouldn’t get past Editorial Policy today.

Scabby Danger

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 24th March 1992 – 20:30

The next episode is Good Morning Calais, celebrating the opening of the Channel Tunnel.

There’s a surprising amount of nudity in this episode. More than it might have today, unless it was on HBO.

This episode has the brilliant European Quiz, where Mike Flex taunts the German, French and Italian contestants.

Mike Flex asks the questions

And the arrival of the first train through the tunnel isn’t a total success.

Channel Tunnel train arrives

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 31st March 1992 – 20:30

In the next episode, it’s war, in a crisis special.

Crisis Special

Helen Atkinson Wood’s Anna Daptor reports live from the potential war zone.

Anna Daptor

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 7th April 1992 – 20:30

The next episode is a change from the published programme, according to the announcer.

Sir Kenneth Yellowhammer hosts KYTV’s Speak For Yourself.

Sir kenneth Yellowhammer

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 14th April 1992 – 20:30 (broadcast date) BBC Two – 21st April 1992 – 20:30 (actual episode)

Following this, an episode of Quantum Leap. Quite a notable one – it’s The Leap Home part II: Vietnam following the first part in which Sam jumps into his own teenaged self, and has to try to prevent his brother from leaving for the war, or to prevent his death in action. Even the ‘previously On’ made me cry.

In this episode he jumps into a member of his brother Tom’s patrol. It guest stars Andrea Thompson as a reporter.

Andrea Thompson

And a pre-Wayne’s World Tia Carrera as a Vietnamese fighter working with the Americans. But naturally, being a foreigner, she was a traitor. And Thompson’s last pictures showed American POWs held by the Vietcong – one of whom had a familiar face.


BBC Genome: BBC Two – 14th April 1992 – 21:00

After this, an advert for BBC Select – a subscription service that showed programmes overnight for various professions. In my mind, it was mostly for osteopaths.

Then there’s the start of 40 Minutes with a documentary about the  love lives of over 65s.

When this recording stops, underneath is a discussion of books with Sue Townsend and AS Byatt. Also featuring are Nigel Williams, and the presenter is AN Wilson. The tape stops before there’s any credits so I can’t pinpoint the series. It didn’t look trendily lit enough to be the Late Show.

A Book Programme



  1. If ever a series deserved a BBC4 repeat run it’s KYTV, a show I was always very fond of. Indeed I don’t think the third series ever got a proper repeat run on the BBC, and the only one of that series that was ever regularly shown again was Fly On The Walls, the spoof fly-on-the-wall documentary, which is actually my least favourite episode because the chaos Mike Flex causes is too horrible to be funny.

    No such problems with this second series, which the Beeb repeated a million times, especially Good Morning Calais which won the Golden Rose so got a few more outings. As you mention there’s loads of nudity in it and for some reason the Beeb scheduled it for 8.30. The reason for the switcheroo of the final episodes was because episode five was supposed to be, as Genome points out, Talking Head, a discussion show about sex. Clearly at some point the Beeb realised this probably wasn’t very suitable for 8.30 so they moved it to the following week where they could swap it with the snooker coverage scheduled to follow it – – and put it safely after the watershed.

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