Film 88 – tape 490

Before the programme starts, there’s the end of an episode of  Crossfire, and a trailer for QED: The Snooker Playing Machine.

Then, off to the pictures with Barry Norman and Film 88 with reviews of:

Tom Brook reports from New York on the spate of Baby movies recently. There’s also a location report on Consuming Passions.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 15th March 1988 – 22:30

Before the next episode there’s a trailer for QED: Putting You In The Picture.

Next on Film 88, Barry reviews:

There’s a location report on The Believers.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 22nd March 1988 – 22:20

Before the next episode there’s a trailer for Raspberry Ripple.

Then, a Film 88 Special, as Barry Norman talks to Sir David Lean. An interesting interview. Talking about Lawrence of Arabia, he tells Barry about the shot introducing Omar Sharif, and how he lost his nerve in the cutting room, and cut the length of the shot in half, and always regretted it. It’s interesting that, in a few years, when Lawrence underwent a restoration, he restored that shot to its original length.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 29th March 1988 – 22:20

Before the next episode, a trailer for Wideworld – The Musical Mariner.

Then, Barry look at:

There’s a look at Bette Davis’ career on her 80th birthday. there’s an odd overdub when Barry mentions her age, as if he got it wrong in the studio.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 5th April 1988 – 22:20

Next episode sees reviews of :

There’s a report on the popularity of Horror Films which, given Barry Norman’s well known dislike for the genre, is definitely slanted towards disapproval. Interviewed are Clive Barker, anti-horror critic Alexander Walker, Makeup designer Geoff Portass and writer and horror afficionado Kim Newman.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 11th April 1988 – 22:40

After this, recording continues with Business Matters, narrated by Lesley Judd. After a few minutes, that recording stops, and underneath there’s a signed programme looking at the change in the benefits system. After twenty minutes, the tape ends.

Signed programme


One comment

  1. Ah, the days when it was a given for movies to take ages to cross the Atlantic (“The Believers” came out in the USA the previous SUMMER!). Things were not always better back then.

    For all Ken Russell’s drawbacks, it’s hard to begrudge anyone who a) hit Alexander Walker with a rolled-up newspaper and b) was sorry that he didn’t put an iron bar inside first.

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