Soap – tape 592

This tape opens with a warning from the LWT continuity person saying there will be a break in transmission during the broadcast due to essential maintenance.

Break in transmission

Jessica is approaching her trial for the murder of Peter Campbell. The lawyer looks in vain for credible character witnesses to testify on her behalf from the family.

Meanwhile, Burt thinks he’s invisible, and Mary takes him to a therapist.

This episode also features one of my favourite characters, Ingrid Svenson (played by Inga Svenson) who has been revealed to be Corinne’s real mother.

Ingrid and Corinne

Eunice and the Congressman receive pictures of them having an affair. “I’m shocked and I’m in them.”

In the next episode, Danny is told he has to marry the daughter of his mobster boss. Mary confesses to Burt that she was going to commit him.

Jessica meets the judge in her murder case.

Before the next episode, there’s some Crimestoppers.

In the next episode, Danny takes elaine to meet his family, in the hope she’ll call off the wedding after meeting them.

Corinne finds Father Tim in his mountain retreat.

Corinne and Father Tim

At the trial, Jodie meets Carol, Jessica’s Lawyer’s assistant, who falls for him.

Next Episode, Carol and Jodie have dinner, and Carol persuades him to go with her to to the Cape, but just as friends.

Mary takes Burt to the mental institution.

Billy runs away, and Benson has to go out and look for him.

And in the trial, the prosecutor promises a surprise witness which will prove Jessica’s guilt.

Next Episode, the congressman’s wife confronts Eunice and tells her he’s going to dump her. Then she tells the congressman that she now has the compromising pictures of him and Eunice, and will send them to the press if he doesn’t stop seeing Eunice.

Burt disappears from the mental hospital. When he returns, he finally reveals to Mary that he killed her first husband.

It’s revealed that Ingrid Svenson and the Judge in Jessica’s trial are having an affair.

Father Tim tells his mother he’s thinking of leaving the priesthood.

The surprise witness in the trial is another lover of Peter, who testified that Jessica said “I’m so angry I could kill you.”

In the next episode, Corinne returns home, and Ingrid comes to take her back, but she stays. ingrid swears revenge.


You think I’m finished?


No, Swedish.

Jodie and Carol ended up making love, but he’s still happily gay, and still just wants to be friends.

The trial comes to its conclusion, and the jury are sent away to deliberate, but not before the Major storms the courtroom and tries to take Jessica away to join the resistance.

This is the last episode on the tape.

After this, recording stops, and underneath there’s a bit of an episode of Lost In Space. This is followed by the start of a silent film, Old Heidelberg. Then the tape stops.


  • trail: The Heroes
  • trail: An Audience with Victoria Wood
  • Cohen & Tate on video
  • Brook Street Gold – Lois Maxwell
  • trail: Tamera Lion of Singapore
  • trail: Kate & Allie
  • Heinz Beans – David Bellamy
  • DHL
  • Royal Mail Stamps
  • Maestro/Metro
  • Crimestoppers
  • trail: Running Wild
  • Pan Am
  • Michael Jackson – Moonwalker & Moon Walk
  • Amstrad PCs – Neil Mullarkey
  • Crimestoppers
  • trail: Tennis: The Davis Cup Final
  • After Eight
  • Budweiser
  • Underwood
  • British telecom
  • Sekonda – Loadsamoney

  • Monterez
  • trail: Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe


  1. For a gay man, Jodie certainly welcomed a lot of female attention after about the fifth episode. What’s good about Soap was that it was ridiculous, but no more ridiculous than Dynasty would get as the 80s wore on.

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