The New Adventures of Superman – tape 1981

It’s Christmas in The New Adventures of Superman and they’re putting up the wreaths on the orphanage. But all is not sweetness and light around Metropolis as an evil toymaker gives out toys which make people greedy and cruel.

It’s called Season’s Greedings. And it’s written by Superman himself, Dean Cain.

Written By Dean Cain

The toys, because of the drugs inside, are the big hldiay smash. Even Superman isn’t immune to the effects. Here’s how he eats jelly beans.

How Superman Eats Jelly Beans

(Those are going into his mouth, by the way.)

It affects adults by making them act like children. If Lois is anything to go by, it makes them dress like children too.

Lois Joins St Trinians

Denise Richards guest stars as a member of the Planet staff that Jimmy likes.

Denise Richards

Boy this show is relentlessly lightweight. And yet it still made me cry a bit at the end. And this is the best special effect the show has ever done.

Superman At Christmas

BBC Genome: BBC One – 22 April 1995 – 18:20

Next, it’s The eyes Have It. A scientist, escaping from other scientists, beams knowledge into into Lois’s head through her eyes, but is killed soon after. The evil scientists after him go after Lois, and they use the optical beam to blind Superman.

At one point, the two evil scientists show just how evil they are by one of them pretending to be Dr Bannerjee and putting on the worst Indian accent I’ve heard in years. Thank goodness Superman is blind, otherwise he might have blacked up.

It’s not a bad episode, though, and it almost starts touching on disability issues.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 6 May 1995 – 18:20

then, recording switches to a programme in progress, consisting of some wrestling. It features Lesley Joseph and Brian Glover. It’s a prime-time Saturday night comedy drama called Rumble and I have no recollection of it whatsoever.

Afterwards, there’s a trailer for the National Lottery Live. And a trailer for Due South.

Then, Superman’s back in Chi Of Steel. Perry’s life savings are stolen by a mysterious martial artist who appears to possess superpowers. Clark consults his friend Chen, whose father teaches the martial arts, and who is a reporter for the Chinatown daily. They go to the same optometrist.

Not Clark Kent

Much of the action takes place in Metropolis’ Gentleman’s club, which won’t admit Lois – so she finds a way to get in.

Lois or Lewis

BBC Genome: BBC One – 13 May 1995 – 18:15

After this, there’s a trailer for the Gotcha Hall of Fame. Then a trailer for Fawlty Towers.

Then there’s the start of an episode of Simon Mayo’s Confessions. After about five minutes, recording switches to the end o Fine Cut. Then a trailer for the next episode.

There’s a trailer for Later with Jools Holland.

Then, Have I Got News For You featuring guests Steve Wright

Steve Wright

and Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming

When a film clip contained Will Carling and Prince Edward, Paul asks “Maybe he was having a homosexual love affair with Will Carling. I posed it as a question rather than a statement.”

There’s an awkward moment when Steve Wright gets a question about the recent upheavals at Radio One, so he tries to be polite about the situation.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 13 May 1995 – 22:30

Recording switches back to BBC1 for another episode of The New Adventures of Superman, and there’s a surprise guest to open the show – Lex Luthor’s back.

Lex is Back

This episode is called The Phoenix. I see what they did there.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 20th May 1995 – 18:30

The recording stops right after this episode.

One comment

  1. In a casting gag which most BBC1 viewers certainly won’t have gotten*, “Season’s Greetings” cast members Sherman Helmsley and Isobel Sanford are best remembered Stateside for “All In The Family” spinoff “The Jeffersons” (never shown in the UK, although far worse US shows have).

    *See also most US people being bemused by the “Dad’s Army” bit in “Lost In Space.”

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