The X Files – tape 1955

The tape opens with the end of an episode of MASH.

Then, an episode of The X Files which opens in 1985 with a man being abducted by aliens.

Steve Railsback is the man in question, and he’s now in a correctional institution, clearly still flashing back to the traumatic events of the 80s when he starred in Lifeforce.

Mulder is interrupted during his daily swim. Something for the ladies.

Foxy Mulder

Railsback has taken a hostage, and Mulder’s help is needed to talk to him as they need someone familiar with alien abductees.

This is basically a bottle show, and concentrates heavily on Mulder, because Gillian Anderson was having a baby at the time.

There’s a slightly silly moment at the end. After Barry has been arrested, and examined at hospital, some fragments of metal were removed from his body. Under a strong microscope, they can see something that looks like a barcode. So when Scully is picking up her groceries, she takes the glass phial with the fragments and passes them through the till’s laser scanner. Now, these markings are a few microns across, but somehow a) the supermarket laser scanner picked them up, a b) the code somehow had the till go haywire.

And at the end of the episode, Duane Barry has some hospital visitors.

Hospital visitors

And in a shock ending, Barry escapes from hospital and finds his way to Scully’s house. TO BE CONTINUED.

After this, recording switches, and we’ve another short slice of MASH.

Then, the next episode. Duane Barry has Dana, and is taking her somewhere. Mulder surmises that he’s taking her to where he claims to have been abducted. His colleague Agent Krycek accompanies him.

Agent Krycek

Krycek is working with someone else, though, and delays Mulder by trapping him in a cable car.

When Mulder catches up with Duane Barry, Scully is gone. Barry claims ‘they took her’.

And sure enough, somebody is experimenting on her, making use of Gillian Anderson’s pregnancy.

Sculley's experiment

This is one of the episodes where the series arc goes into overdrive, and frankly I never understood quite what happened to Scully here.

There’s more MASH before the next episode, in an episode featuring Harry Morgan, who would later become a regular, as a different character.

Then, more X Files. in 3, a man is attacked by his date, and she starts sucking his blood, soon joined by some other people. I blame Ashley Madison.

Mulder finds a man breaking in to a blood bank. The man believes he is a vampire, so Mulder plays along. He leaves him in a cell where the sun is coming up, thinking he’ll get scared and talk. But the man suffers extreme burns from the sunlight.

I was bored by this episode, but then I didn’t like the wannabe vampires in Buffy either. And this episode doesn’t feature Scully so obviously it’s sub-par.

We’re straight into the next episode, and it opens with Scully’s mother telling a story about the day Dana killed a snake. You can see why she’s reminiscing.

RIP Sculley

But reports of her death were premature.

Scully is found in a hospital, and Mulder goes a bit mad wanting to know how she got there. Nobody at the hospital knows how she was admitted or who treated her first. She’s on life support and ventilation, showing no sign of brain activity.

Sculley on Life Support

Scully’s sister Melissa appears, waving a crystal over her and getting Mulder to hold his hand above her to feel her soul. Surprisingly, Mulder is rather dismissive of this, which is odd given all the other wacky stuff he believes to be real.

Even the Lone Gunmen make an appearance. “We’re hopping on the internet to nitpick the scientific innacuracies of Earth 2.”

Scully comes out of the coma at the end, though. The recording finishes when this episode finishes.


  • No 7
  • Bran Flakes
  • Clerical Medical
  • Radion
  • Fresh Brew
  • Safeway
  • trail: Robocop
  • Right Guard
  • barclaycard
  • Surf
  • Gillette Sensor for Women
  • trail: The Firm
  • trail: Wednesday on Sky
  • Disney Sing along songs
  • Otex ear drops
  • Visa Delta
  • BT
  • TSB
  • Paxo
  • trail: Models Inc
  • trail: Football
  • McDonalds
  • Surf
  • Bisto Best
  • M&Ms
  • trail: Sunday on Sky
  • trail: Highlander
  • Barclaycard
  • Mars Miniatures
  • Pantene
  • Fresh Brew
  • Daz
  • trail: The Firm
  • trail: Models Inc
  • Coca Cola
  • Fairy
  • Tate & Lyle
  • Harpic
  • Vauxhall Corsa
  • trail: Space Precinct
  • trail: Highlander
  • Vauxhall Corsa
  • An Awfully Big Adventure in cinemas
  • Harpic
  • trail: Discovery Channel
  • Mars
  • trail: The Man Without A Face
  • trail: Robocop
  • Nurofen Plus
  • Wrangler
  • trail: Twin Peaks
  • Stella Artois
  • trail: Sports
  • trail: Models Inc
  • trail: Whicker’s World
  • Ford Mondeo
  • Cadbury’s Mini Eggs
  • Bird’s Eye Potato Waffles
  • Pantene
  • Doublemint
  • Sky Travel
  • trail: Friday Night
  • trail: Sleepless in Seattle


  1. The “Mulder goes for a swim scene” inspired a great throwaway gag when The X-Files met The Simpsons: Mulder has a picture of himself wearing nothing but trunks, in a reclining position, on his official FBI identity card.

    1. That episode missed an opportunity to have the theme tune in the style of “The X Files.” Also, my fave animated poke at the show came on an episode of “Eek! The Cat” with a spaceship crashing into Scully’s office and converting her to Mulder’s POV on the spot (it being a Fox cartoon, Dave and Gilly supplied their voices, which helped).

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