Chicago Hope – The Net – The Music Biz – NYPD Blue – tape 1977

First on the tape, an episode of Chicago Hope. Mandy Patinkin wants to transplant a baboon’s heart into a human patient to keep a heart patient alive. Then E.G. Marshall wants to take a bone marrow transplant from the baboon to treat an Aids patient. And the chief of staff has a coronary when having sex inside the MRI machine.

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 15 April 1995 21.15

Then, recording switches, and we get the end of Today at Wimbledon. There’s a trailer for Delia Smith’s Summer Collection and  The Travel Show,  and another trailer for Hancock’s World.

Then, an episode of The Net, the BBC’s disappointing 90s reboot of Micro Live. Benjamin Woolley invites you to his homepage, one which predates the domain.

Benjamin Woolley's Homepage

Don’t look for it, it’s not there any more.

The first piece is about remote controlling robots over the web, and features an awful lot of slowly scrolling grey webpages in Times New Roman, culminating in an offer to viewers that they can control a robot that’s in the Chamber of Horrors in Madame Tussauds. I wonder how many did.

The next piece is about hackers. A husband and wife team, Josh Quittner and Michelle Slatalla, wrote a book about hackers, Masters of Deception, then found their telephone service disrupted by the hackers. It seems like a slightly more benign world than today.

Next, Mixmaster Morris looks at a lot of sites dedicated to music, particularly ambient music. “This is a really beautiful site” he says, looking at yet another grey background and Times New Roman website.

Next, Michael Strangelove, who wrote a book called How to Advertise on the Internet. “One of the most central dynamics of the internet, its ability to create a sense of expertise almost at light speed.”

Finally, here’s the ‘netcetera’ – the frames of links and information that you used to have to wear out your VCR trying to watch. Plus, Marcus Berkmann looks at a Web soap opera.

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 26 June 1995 20.30

Then there’s a trailer for the Friday Night Comedy Zone, and for the excellent Rock Family Trees.

Then, the final episode in the series The Music Biz which looks at how the modern music industry is run by a few mega corporations. Towards the end there’s an interesting quote:

“Some day you will be able to log on to your home computer, call up a menu of songs or albums that you want. There’s really no need for inventory.”

It’s the days before iTunes. Even before Napster and MP3s.

Slash, from Guns ‘n Roses is interviewed, looking a bit different to normal.


BBC Genome:  BBC Two England, 26 June 1995 21.00

After this, a trailer for The Saturday Night Armistice. And a trailer for Gaytime TV. Then the start of another Wimbledon summary show.

Recording switches to Channel 4, and the end of The Nick.

Then, an episode of NYPD Blue. Amongst all the police happenings, Dennis Franz gets married, and nothing goes wrong during the ceremony. A TV First!

Jimmy Smits Dennis Franz

After this, recording continues with the Secret Asia season, and a programme called Raskols. The whole film is here.


  • trail: True Stories: The Making of a Doctor
  • American Express Traveller’s Cheques
  • Yellow Pages
  • Pantene
  • Direct Line
  • Mitubishi Shogun
  • trail: Cutting Edge: Road Rage
  • trail: Homicide: Life on the Street
  • Cuprinol Ducksback
  • NatWest
  • Saab
  • PCTV – a mystifying advert for a product that never took off

  • NatWest
  • Volvo
  • Nescafe
  • Natwest
  • Nokia
  • Volvo
  • Trail: Naked Lunch
  • Fiat Coupe
  • iceland
  • Anchor Mature Cheddars
  • trail: Lonely Planet
  • trail: Cutting Edge: Road Rage
  • Listerine
  • Bradford & Bingley
  • Ford Escort
  • Kelloggs Corn Flakes – Katy Carmichael
  • Swinton
  • Dove
  • Volvo
  • American Express Traveller’s Cheques
  • Orangina
  • Parcel Force
  • TV-X
  • Mercury One 2 One
  • Volvo


  1. Whenever I see Marcus Berkmann’s name, I’m immediately taken back to his writings on Your Sinclair magazine. This is the first time I’ve ever heard him speak.

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