Bugs – Chicago Hope – The Lenny Henry Show – tape 1979

The end of the National Lottery Live show starts this tape from a mid-90s Saturday Night.

There’s a trailer for Hamish Macbeth.

Then there’s an episode of Bugs. It opens with some naval cadets tasked with retrieving some components from derelict vessels. One of them is attacked deep in the bowels of the ship by an assailant in a red diving suit, and drowned.

The episode is called Down Among the Dead Men, and is written by genre stalwart Stephen Gallagher.

Jesse Birdsall’s Beckett poses as a financial adviser to get information from an ex-navy man.

Financial Advice from Jesse Birdsall

The plot involves the illegal sale of naval components, and a villain who has his own submarine.

It’s interesting to see the gaps in the production values. They clearly had full access to the interior of the submarine, so all those scenes are great. And then the villain gets out of the sub and clambers into a dinghy in a scene that’s clearly shot in a swimming pool somewhere.


It’s top-notch action, though. Beckett is trapped, handcuffed, in a submarine rapidly filling with water, while Ros chases another of the villains and is menaced at gunpoint.

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 22 April 1995 20.05

There’s a trailer for Chicago Hope after this, then the start of a news bulletin, where the big story is the arrest of Timothy McVeigh for the Oklahoma City bombing, and the hunt for other suspects.

There’s a trailer for The Fall of Saigon. And for a 999 Special.

Then, an episode of Chicago HopeWith The Greatest of Ease. The life of a trapeze artist hangs in the balance. That’s not my joke, it’s from the continuity announcer.

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 22 April 1995 21.15

There’s a trailer for Cardiac Arrest, and one for Ben Elton – The Man From Auntie.

Then, The Lenny Henry Show.

Lenny Henry 2


BBC Genome: BBC One London, 22 April 1995 22.00

After this, a trailer for the Bafta Awards featuring Tony Curtis.

Then a trailer for BBC Sport.

Then, an episode of The Stand Up Show hosted by Barry Cryer.

Barry Cryer

It’s the last episode in the series. and features turns from John Maloney.

John maloney

Rona Cameron

Rona Cameron

Mark Lamarr, who can’t have liked being introduced as ‘The Born-Again Terry Christian’.

Mark Lamarr on The Stand Up Show

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 22 April 1995 22.40

Following this, a trailer for Absolutely Fabulous.

Then the tape plays out with the first hour or so of Walter Hill’s western The Long Riders, notable for featuring three sets of acting brothers – the Quaids, the Carradines amd the Keachs.



One comment

  1. I always find it bizarre how stand up is now front and centre of primetime when twenty years ago my VHS used to be whirring past midnight taping things like The Stand Up Show. In those days the leading lights of the stand-up scene, someone like Jeff Green, would probably see as the peak of their career a team captain’s role on a panel show and maybe one of their live videos shown on the telly. Amazing how big it’s become.

    I’d not seen John Moloney for ages until he turned up with his own series on Radio 4 a few months back. I always remember his opening line, “Don’t you hate it when you ask the hairdresser for Liam Gallagher and end up with Victoria Wood?”

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