The New Adventures of Superman – tape 2260

Over to Sky One for more lightweight romantic comedy and disappointing special effects from The New Adventures of Superman.

The show opens with Lois admiring her wedding ring. “I can’t believe we’re actually married” she says. But their post-nuptial smooching is interrupted by a knock at the door. Wouldn’t you know it? It’s HG Wells at the door. He seems overly concerned to discover whether Lois and Clark have consummated their marriage because, as he explains, they’ve been cursed by someone centuries ago, and if they do, it won’t end well.

HG Wells visits Superman

This episode is Soul Mates. Obviously enough, it follows the wedding episode. Wells tells Clark and Lois that he has been tracking their souls through time, and they always seems to be together – hence Soul Mates.  So they have to travel back in time to when the curse was put on them.

Cue the most unconvincing pastiche of Robin Hood you’ll ever see, with Clark as an outlaw called ‘The Fox’.

Robin Kent

As if that weren’t enough, they also do a western too. But all is put right in the end, and the two of them finally get their wedding night.

After this recording continues into The X Files which begins with ‘Last Season on the X Files’. Then the show propery opens as a man working on an overhead line gets stung by a ‘bee’, with an audience of the Children of the Damned.

All a bit Midwich


It all gets very complicated, as Mulder is escorting Roy Thinnes who knows something about whatever strange is going on, to do with the bees. Thinnes takes Mulder to a farm in Canada where ‘they’ are growing a strange plant, and he sees his missing sister there, but she’s the same age she was when she was abducted. And she can’t speak because she’s actually a ‘drone’ and a clone – there are lots of her.

Brother and sister reunion

They are also being pursued by a big guy who may or may not be alien – when he’s stabbed in the neck, green stuff comes out.

And Mulder’s mother is critically ill in hospital. The closing scene is especially creepy. The big hulking guy goes into Mulder’s mother’s room, and asks “I need to know the reasons why this should be.” He’s talking to the cigarette smoking man. When the CSM explains why, he lays his hand on her forehead, does some alien voodoo, then her eyes flicker open. So he was curing her, possibly.

I can’t follow all this, and I think I couldn’t even when I was watching it in sequence. This episode is Herrenvolk and, quite unbelievably is only the first episode of season 4. Yes, it gets even more complicated than this.

By the way, Roy Thinnes also starred in a 60s SF show called The Invaders, where he was also fighting against an alien conspiracy.

Roy Thinnes

After this, recording continues with Millennium, in which grim criminal investigator Frank Black grimly investigates a grim murder case where a woman is sent a tongue in the mail. The plot revolves around a man who calls himself ‘The Judge’ (also the title of the episode) who recruits ex-cons to dispense justice to people who he feels didn’t get their just desserts from the justice system. There are man-eating pigs involved.

Next on the tape, it’s more grim goings-on with Frank Black. One of the things that really puts me off about ths show is the colour palette, or rather its lack of one. Everything is so dark and grainy. I wonder if a remastered version would look any better. I’ve got used to TV these days being gob-smackingly beautiful, so it’s hard to watch these VHS renderings of Standard-Def broadcasts. But other shows look better than this. I blame NTSC. It’s like trying to watch shadow puppets. Brown shadow puppets.

This episode, 522666, starts with a bomb going off in an English Pub in Washington DC. Frank has to get the bomber to make contact so they can locate him.

After this there’s a brief sort-of trail for the David Letterman show, featuring him interviewing Kenneth Branagh.

Then the start of an episode of Forever Knight.


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