The Larry Sanders Show – tape 2268

Back to BBC2 now, for more from The Larry Sanders Show. In Larry Loses a Friend Jon Lovitz is desperate to go out with Darlene, but she’s not interested.

Jon Lovitz


BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 27 September 1996 23.15

Before the next episode there’s a fragment of the end of Newsnight. There’s also a trailer for Crossing The Floor.

Then more from Larry Sanders, with the episode Doubt of the Benefit. Larry blows off a charity benefit, but it might stop Rob Reiner doing the show.

Rob Reiner on Larry Sanders


BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 30 September 1996 23.15

Before the next episode, there’s the end of Newsnight, and a trailer for Correspondent. Then a trailer for Have I Got News For You.

Then, Hank’s Divorce. After marrying his wife on the show last year, Hank’s marriage is in trouble.

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 2 October 1996 23.15

Next, after Newsnight and trailers for Correspondent and Crossing the Floor, another Larry Sanders episode, Arthur’s Crisis, in which Arthur is having an affair with an executive from another network.

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 4 October 1996 23.15

There’s more Newsnight before the next episode, and a trailer for The Works which looks at the recent death of Hollywood producer Don Simpson.

Then End of the Season, in which Larry has a problem with prescription painkillers. Roseanne helps Artie deal with him.


BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 7 October 1996 23.15

Next episode is Next Stop…Bottom. Hank’s divorce his hitting him hard, so he starts seeing call-girls.

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 9 October 1996 23.15

After this, recording continues. There’s a trailer for Friday Night Comedy, then we go into an episode of Seinfeld. In The Puffy Shirt, Kramer’s girlfriend is a ‘low talker’ so when she mumbles to Jerry at dinner, and he just nods and agrees, he doesn’t realise he’s agreed to wear a puffy shirt on the Today Show. Meanwhile, George moves in with his parents, and gets a job as a hand model.

It’s a show about nothing.

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 9 October 1996 23.40

There’s a nice trailer for Weekdays at 6 on BBC2.

Then, an episode of Grace Under Fire. It features a very brief appearance by Harry Morgan, from MASH.

Harry Morgan


BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 10 October 1996 0.00

After this, there’s a trailer for Coogan’s Run. After weather (and a poem) from Peter Cockcroft, there’s a trailer for a lesser known work by Joe Dante, Runaway Daughters.

Then, The Learning Zone starts, with Introduction to Psychology.

After this, there’s an interesting short programme about folding bicycles.

Then, more Introduction to Psychology, with a look at finding better ways to diagnose and treat autism. It features contributions from Simon Baron-Cohen, cousin of Sacha and an expert in autism.

Simon Baron-Cohen

The tape finishes during this programme.

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 10 October 1996 0.30


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