Comic Relief 95 part 1 – tape 1946

You can tell it’s comic relief just from the weather report.

Comic Relief Weather

There’s a trailer for GLR, and one for Saturday Night. Then a trailer for The Lenny Henry Show.

Then, Comic Relief 95 kicks off, opening with Chris Evans and Lenny Henry.

Lenny Henry and Chris Evans

Lenny Henry has to get to a heliport to fly to Northern Ireland to host a comedy gala, so he’s driven in a Mclaren sports car by Mr Bean.

Mr Bean and Lenny Henry

I’m not sure I like Chris Evans’ segment that much. He’s imported a lot of his Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush schtick, and the big setpiece is, if the total reaches £1m, they’ll drop a cowpat on Patsy Palmer’s head (although she’s constantly referred to as ‘Bianca from Eastenders’).

At least, in this hour, there’s also the first part of an all-star sequel to Oliver Twist. Here’s the faces appearing in the first part.

Richard Briers

Richard Briers in Oliver II

Diana Rigg

Diana Rigg in Oliver II

Pauline Collins

Pauline Collins in Oliver II

Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming in Oliver II

Timothy Spall

Timothy Spall in Oliver II

Michael Palin

Michael Palin in Oliver II

Oliver Reed

Oliver Reed in Oliver II

Following this, music comes from Wet Wet Wet.

Wet Wet Wet

Rory Bremner phones up some people pretending to be John Major, and asking them to be in a Party Political Broadcast.

Rory Bremner

In the next hour, the presenters are French and Saunders.

French and Saunders

There’s the second part of Oliver Twist II, featuring Stephen Fry as Charles Dickens.

Stephen Fry in Oliver II


Angus Deayton

Angus Deayton in Oliver II

Ron Moody reprises the role of Fagin.

Ron Moody in Oliver II

French and Saunders meet Joanna Lumley (sort of)

Joanna Lumley with French and Saunders

Mr Bean meets Torvill and Dean.

Mr Bean meets Torvill and Dean

There’s an interesting moment towards the end of French and Saunders’ segment. They have to get £1m so that Dawn can snog Hugh Grant. The total is up to £758,411 at the end, so they bring on another big cheque – for £215,000. Then they run the total again, and it’s £1,066,779. Which doesn’t add up.

Then, as the audience are applauding, Chris Evans says to Jennifer Saunders “It obviously didn’t take it up to that, but we thought it might as well, for the sake of the programme. ”

Now, I’m not sure if this was part of the comedy, or if they genuinely cocked up the count. It’s very strange.

But it does mean Dawn gets to kiss Hugh Grant.

Dawn French and Hugh Grant

The kiss marks the end of the first part, and there’s a trailer for Absolutely Fabulous.

After the news, there’s a trailer for The Choir. And one for Saturday Night.

Then, the second part of Comic Relief now presented by Jonathan Ross.

Jonathan Ross

Ross introduces Harry Enfield as Tim Nice But Dim..

Tim Nice But Dim

In a segment where Ruby Wax has to raise £1m, you get to see her husband, Red Dwarf director Ed Bye in the shower.

Ed Bye in the Shower

Ian McKellen reads the lyrics to Like A Virgin.

Ian McKellen on Comic Relief

Alan Partridge presents a local segment from Norwich.

Alan Partridge on Comic Relief

Loyd Grossman does old-style Masterchef with the Slobs.

Lloyd Grossman and the Slobs

The next hour is presented by Smith and Jones.

Smith and Jones

Ruby Wax gets thrown out of Harrods by Mohammed Al Fayed.

Ruby in Harrods

And that’s more or less the end of the tape.

Iteresting, the Radio Times broke the show down into hour-long programmes, but the running order clearly changed after the schedules had been published, as Harry Enfield was supposed to have been before the news, and French and Saunders afterwards.

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 17 March 1995 19.00BBC One London, 17 March 1995 20.00BBC One London, 17 March 1995 21.00BBC One London, 17 March 1995 21.30BBC One London, 17 March 1995 22.30



    1. Not easily. Comic Relief don’t like people posting clips to YouTube and elsewhere – quite reasonably, they prefer to control their work for fundraising.

  1. Valid point, it was only really the first hour I needed. I had no intention to share it. Ive got dropbox if thats viable?

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