Between The Lines – tape 1850

I skipped over Between The Lines when I last came across a tape since it was the last episodes of season three. Here’s the first episode of that season, which I might give a look, even though it starts with a long ‘previously on’ section.

After some dramatic looking events at the end of the previous series, Tony Clarke (Neil Pearson) is forced to reluctantly resign from the police rather than face prosecution for murder.

As he leaves the building for the last time, a police car ominously follows him, then puts its blue lights on. Pearson isn’t happy and tries to evade, but they cut him off.

But in the squad car are Harry (Tom Georgeson) and Mo (Siobhan Redmond), Pearson’s colleages, there to take him to a party for his benefit. It’s a nice beat.

He’s approached by his old boss, Deakin (Tony Doyle), now working freelance. He wants Tony to go to Tunisia to find a man who’s involved in the parliamentary sex scandal, and he takes Georgeson with him, at the behest of Georgeson’s dying wife, to give her some time alone). The show’s budget must have gone up.

Neil Pearson and Tom Georgeson

Herry returns home early to find his wife was taken an overdose, and she pleads with him to let her die. When his boss starts accusing him of murder, he quits the force in anger, and the old team are reunited by the end of the episode. Convenient.

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 19 October 1994 21.30

Before the next episode, there’s the end of Newsroom South East, a trailer for Video Diaries. Weather from Rob McElwee, and a trail for Inside Story, looking at the hours worked by junior doctors.

There’s also a trailer for The Full Wax which we saw recently.

Then, there’s a presentation glitch, as the next episode of Between The Lines starts with no globe or announcement, and the leader slate on screen.

This episode is A Safe Pair of Hands. Tony is running security at a hotel, and checking on the crooked dealings of the staff. There’s a long chase through the hotel and kitchens that, with some comedy music, could have been in Moonlighting. More than one face ended up in a cake.

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 26 October 1994 21.30

More Newsroom South-East, Ian McCaskill on weather and trailers for Murder in Belgravia: The Lucan Affair, and for the start of Crocodile Shoes.

Then, another episode of Between The LinesA Face in the Crowd. Guest starring Mark Strong.

Mark Strong

Katy Murphy turns up as the ex-wife of a missing person Tony is looking for.

Katy Murphy

By the end of this episode, Mo (Siobhan Redmond) has been dismissed from the force for trying to help Tony on a case. So I guess she’ll be looking for some steady work.

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 2 November 1994 21.30

In the fourth episode, Mo is recommended to help a documentary filmmaker (Sylvestra Le Touzel) who is working on a documentary about a recent Shoot To Kill scandal where IRA men were gunned down by the SAS on the Brighton seafront. The story leads Tony to find an IRA informer in hiding.

At the end of the story, as has happened in pretty much every episode so far, John Deakin, Tony’s old (corrupt) boss had manipulated all of them to achieve his own ends. I feel this is a pattern which will continue.

BBC Genome: BBC One London, 9 November 1994 21.30

After this last episode there’s a trailer for the first live National Lottery draw. There’s also a trailer for The Trial, a BBC 2 documentary.

Then the recording stops just as Sportsnight starts.


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