The Simpsons – tape 1822

First on this tape, The Simpsons and the episode Boy Scoutz n’ Te Hood in which Homer and Bart go on a wilderness trip with the Happy Campers, and end up marooned on a dinghy with Flanders.

This is followed by the start of another episode, but that recording is soon overwritten by a new one, from BBC2. There’s the very end of something from Court TV, then a trailer for Doctors to Be, and Grace Under Fire.

Then we have an episode of Room 101 featuring David Baddiel. This recording is very dodgy – I wonder if it’s transmitter problems, or aerial problems. The whole picture just cuts out during the credits a couple of times, but eventually rights itself as the show starts.

Room 101 broadcast glitches

Among David Baddiel’s selections is Margi Clarke, someone who was seemingly everywhere in the 90s, and then tended to disappear.

Margi Clarke

There’s a funny moment when Nick Hancock produces a cassette of Margi Clarke reads the Liverpool Telephone Directory and Baddiel asks “Is that a real thing?”

Margi Clarke reads the Liverpool Telephone Directory


Fun is had at the expense of his Barmitzvah photograph.

David Baddiel

And at the end, there’s a nice clip of Val Doonican where he namechecks Doctor Who (as well as Dr Finlay).

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 1 August 1994 22.00

Next, after a couple of false starts with overwritten recordings, another Room 101 featuring Tony Slattery in a fetching fringe jacket.

Tony Slattery on Room 101


There’s a prescient moment when Rolf Harris is featured as someone already in Room 101 at the end.

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 8 August 1994 22.00

Next, recording switches, there’s a trailer for A Change of Sex. Then, a BBC2 intro that randomly suffers from some satellite encryption.

Then, a change from our regularly scheduled comedy with a programme called Heretic looking at Eric Laithwaite, who I remembered fondly from a very interesting set of the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, but whose theories put him at odds with scientific consensus.

Eric Laithwaite

It’s an interesting programme. Laithwaite’s fascination with the strange behaviours of gyroscopes led him to think that somehow, gyroscopes could be used as a form of propulsion, and by the end of the programme, he was convinced that he had demonstrated this beyond all doubt. The problem is that the programme didn’t attempt to present any rebuttal to this, so we’re left without really knowing if he’s on to something.

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 9 August 1994 22.00

After this there’s a trailer for The Dead, a programme about the deaths from the conflict in Northern Ireland. There’s a Video Nation short from Cathy Meehan, also talking about the Troubles.

Then, there’s Newsnight, with a look at the latest government dietary advice.

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 9 August 1994 22.30

After Newsnight there’s another trailer for A Change Of Sex. Then the tape finishes with the first few minutes of Pictures of War, part of the 25 Bloody Years season.


One comment

  1. Pretty certain that Slattery episode of Room 101 is the pilot, as it’s the only episode in which Nick presents the guest’s selections in a great big book. Also, Slattery selects absolutely loads of things.

    I love Nick’s response to David Baddiel not getting the Margi Clarke tape joke. “Oh, you are SO stupid!”

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