The X Files – tape 1814

More X-Files, and we actually have the first ever episode of the show, from BBC2. Dana Sculley is assigned to work with Fox Mulder, who is obsessed with the X Files – cases which might have some kind of supernatural cause.

We learn about his childhood experience, seeing his sister abducted and being unable to do anything about it.

The case is some nonsense about alien implants, lost time, dodgy local sheriff. And at the end, the cigarette smoking man puts one of the alien implants into a box in the same place where they hid the Ark of the Covenant.

X Files Archive

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 19 September 1994 21.30

The next episode sees the first appearance of Jerry Hardin as Deep Throat, and Mulder and Sculley investigate the disappearance of a test pilot. Mulder even gets to see a super secret test craft made from UFO technology, but the sinister conspirators wipe his memory, so by the end of the episode he’s no closer to proving anything.

Mulder sees a UFO

Seth Green guests as a young stoner who watches the test flights while smoking weed.

Seth Green

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 26 September 1994 21.30

The third episode here is Squeeze, the first episode written by Glen Morgan and James Wong. A man is killed in an office building but someone who apparently travels through the ventilation. And is able to unlock screws from behind the grille.

Magic screws

Interestingly, the perpetrator, Eugene Victor Tooms, is apprehended quite soon in the episode, but when he passes a lie detector test (is there no end to the scientific bullshit in this programme?) he’s released. Mulder is convinced that Tooms is guilty of similar murders 30 years ago and 60 years ago.

The Mulder/Sculley dynamic is shaken up by another agent, whom Dana knew from the academy, who doesn’t have a good opinion of Mulder, and who looks for all the world like a fat Doogie Howser.

Fat Doogie Howser

This episode is genuinely creepy, both in idea and execution, and it’s no surprise that Tooms would return in a future episode.

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 3 October 1994 21.30

In the next episode, Mulder finds a case in a tabloid headline, and believes it has links to his own sister’s abduction. It leads him to a young boy who is apparently receiving digital transmissions from his TV screen which he writes as strings of ones and zeroes. There’s a nice moment later in the show when all the pages he’s written are laid out on the floor forming the picture of his abducted sister.

Pictures by Ceefax

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 10 October 1994 21.30

Last on this tape, The Jersey Devil, in which a feral man is terrorizing Atlantic City. Or is it a sexy, sexy, feral woman?

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 17 October 1994 21.30

After this episode there’s a trailer for Performance,  a series of plays filmed for TV. And a trailer for The Fast Show.

Then, the start of an episode of Harry Hill’s Fruit Fancies, featuring a more hirsute Harry Hill than we’re used to today.

Hirsute Harry Hill


The recording ends about five minutes in to this show.



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