Have I Got News For You – Seinfeld – The Simpsons – US Top Ten – tape 1881

The tape opens with the end of Later with Jools Holland, with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. There’s trailer for Steptoe and Son and The National Lottery. There’s a trailer with Anne Bancroft in Performance: The Mother.

Then, the repeat showing of Have I Got news For You. Guests are Nick Hancock

Nick Hancock on HIGNFY

and, as the Radio Times bills him, former goalkeeper David Icke.

David Icke on HIGNFY


Friend of the blog Douglas Adams is one of the options in the Odd One Out round.

odd man out

BBC Genome: BBC Two England, 19 November 1994 21.00

After the programme, there’s a trailer for University Challenge.  And a trailer for Martin Chuzzlewit.

Then, the start of The Mother by Paddy Chayefsky – Diana Rigg introduces.

Recording switches to the end of some stand-up in Comedy Rules.

Then, an episode of Seinfeld. Jerry and George go to LA so Jerry can appear on the Tonight Show, and Kramer becomes a suspect in a murder case.

After this, there’s the start of The Movie Show, then recording switches to an episode of the Simpsons, Bart’s Girlfriend.

After this, recording switches to US Top Ten, a countdown of the top films in the US.

Then, more Seinfeld. Jerry is approached by NBC to pitch a show for them.

After this, another episode of Seinfeld, but this one from BBC2. It’s the Season 3 episode The Tape.

After this, the recording stops, and underneath, there’s a bit of The Movie Show with Richard Jobson talking about Stargate and Star Trek Generations.

Richard Jobson The Movie Show

Then we have the start of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer, during which the tape runs out.


  • Always
  • John Smith’s
  • Special K
  • TLC
  • Glade Touch Fresh
  • Fisher Price
  • trail: The Movie Show
  • Vicks Ultra Chloraseptic
  • Pantene
  • Paxo
  • Cellnet
  • Sky TV Guide
  • Quality Street
  • trail: Saturday on Sky
  • Wash & Go
  • Argos
  • Somerfield/Gateway
  • LA Gear
  • Obsession for Men
  • K’Nex
  • Nescafe
  • Frosties
  • Toys ‘r’ Us
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Sega Megadrive II
  • Now 29
  • Gold Heart Day Telethon
  • trail: Spellbound
  • Coca Cola
  • Toys ‘r’ Us
  • Ultimate Dance Hits 94
  • Coco Pops
  • Twilight chocolate
  • trail: Cricket
  • trail: No Limit/Duckman
  • Cellnet
  • Carlsberg
  • Tia Maria
  • Somerfield
  • The Jolly Giant
  • trail: The Movie Show
  • trail: Coca Cola Hit Mix
  • Argos
  • Bird’s Eye World Cuisine
  • Nescafe
  • The People

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